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Hi, I am Clara: artist, writer, certified professional lover.

I am a student of the erotics of language and the language of erotic touch. I love to write erotic scenes and stories and perform them out together, to have my language come alive within the play of our bodies and minds. For the imagination is the most sexual of organs, and I would love the chance to explore and probe it with you.

I grew up as a desperately shy and awkward child, if you can believe it. Fantasy and stories were my only saving grace, a place where I could hide and become someone other than myself, become something greater, more expansive and full of heroic delight. Thus, I have felt what it feels like to feel alone and afraid of touch. I have felt what it feels like to lack a space of refuge in the body and in the world. It is from this knowledge that my seductive powers stem. From knowing pain, I have achieved great pleasure, from knowing aloneness, I have forged the way for otherworldly connections. Seduction and sex are the space of this connection for me, they are the same erotic games that I have played my whole life, a generative force of language and touch that constantly expands and expands on itself.

Connection, intimacy, play. These are the things I do best. I am here to induce in you an entryway into an experiential field like no other. One I hope will open up an intimate space between us as well as a portal within yourself to take with you when you leave. Conversation, energy, aura, all of the small particulate particles which orbit around a sexual experience make the experience itself. I believe in the sacredness of perfume, the silliness of makeup, the sly seduction of stockings and bras. If you feel, already, my energy reaching you through the screen, I hope only that you will reach back out to me. Set up an appointment to begin our play! Tell me a little bit about yourself, give me the stitchings of your desires, out which I will hem a scene for us upon your arrival. I can’t wait, and hope only, you enjoy the pleasure of your stay.

My Hair: Blonde
My Eye Color: Blue
My Height: 5'9"
My Birthplace and Birthday: Virgo birthday
My Measurements: 34-24-37
My Personality: Some marriage of sacred and profane
Favorite Vacation Spot: The South of France
My Sexual Fantasy: Sex which cannot be sex. Bear with me here on this path. For sex that is not sex? I hanker after this—a sexuality that is so close, so tightly pressed against the surface of itself that it no longer needs its own articulation to be what it is: it just is. Function is relieved from the structure of two bodies, and suddenly here we are, endless roving parts that merge sensuously with each other again and again. We have shed our skin, the way Gilgamesh takes the skin of a lion from his head and passes it on—and did you know that is where my name comes from, ancient and erotic, but no matter for we have no names now, we are two nameless crepuscular beings that are formless and so formed, we are perfume mixed with sweat mixed with an ecology of sensation, pleasure, somatic delight. We are no longer just ourselves. We are a room, our desire its own dimension, something to smell, to taste, the way sex is a form of nourishment, our bodies always looking for something good to eat. This is perhaps my ideal sexual scenario. For the Greeks, this was called breath. For me, it is one warm caress merged with all the rest.
What I Do Best: Provide the ecstasy of comfort and teach the comfort in ecstasy
My Bedroom is Decorated: Like a heterotopia
My Favorite Movie: Eyes Wide Shut, Videodrome, Exotica, the Russian movie Stalker
My Favorite Music: Leonard Cohen
My Favorite Food: Steak, strawberries, and soup
My Favorite Drink: Tall glass of vodka with exactly three ice cubes
My Hobbies: Running, dreaming, reading, psychoanalysis, desire, lighting, saturation, being in my room, the color pink, hands that are covered in paint, walls of the skull when they begin to feel thin, and the way it feels to always be falling in love with different shades of yellow.
My Specialties: 2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, Dress-up/Drag Party, Fantasy Session, GFE, Half and Half, Handicapped, Lingerie Show, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Role Play, and Straight Lay
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