Brothel Visits in the Household Budget?!?

Mortgage, groceries, health insurance, car payment, utilities, monthly visit to the brothel...

Wait. What?

Some family budgets are getting a major overhaul as they now include a regular visit to a legal brothel. Why? Because sex isn't everything in a relationship, but it sure is important. When you and your partner are no longer physically intimate (or not as often as you'd like), it can wreak havoc on your relationship. It's not that you don't love them anymore, it's just that not all of your needs are being met. Before you throw the "d" word out (that's divorce, not the other "d" word), consider having those needs fulfilled in a slightly different way... with visits to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV.

It might sound a bit crazy. After all, how could visiting a brothel save a relationship? Well, as many women age, their sex drives slow down considerably and changes in their body make sex less pleasurable and more of a chore. For a woman, knowing that someone else is satisfying your husband (with your permission) can actually relieve a great deal of stress and put the spark back in your marriage. How?

It's Just Sex

One of the biggest challenges to a long and happy marriage, are the wandering eyes (and other anatomy) that occur when one of the partners' needs are not being met. This leads to lies, resentment, and infidelity. When you visit the Chicken Ranch, it's just sex. Come in for the afternoon or evening, allow our sexy courtesans to blow your mind, and then go home to your loving, devoted wife. There's no danger of a relationship blossoming, so your wife can rest assured that she is the only woman for you.

It's Safe

Perhaps you've already discussed visiting a companion, but there are health and legal concerns to be dealt with. If you were to pick up a woman on a street corner or in a strip club, she might not be the only thing you pick up. If you are outside of Nye County (Las Vegas is in Clark County, FYI), you are also in danger of being arrested, as prostitution is not legal.

The Chicken Ranch brothel is a legal house of prostitution where condoms are required and our lovely courtesans are tested on a regular basis. You can relax, enjoy, and know that you won't be bringing anything home to your wife, except maybe a mug or t-shirt.

It's Discreet

There are few phone calls that a woman dreads more than "I think I saw your husband with another woman." An affair brings shame to the family and leaves your wife in an awful position. Does she leave you and start her life over, or stay and appear weak (and as if she condones your behavior)?

The Chicken Ranch is completely private. You can drive out here yourself or be picked up in an unmarked limo so you can relax on the ride. Our ladies' lips are sealed (for talking, at least), so this extracurricular activity will just be between you and your wife.

It's Fun to Join In

Now depending on your wife, this one may be a stretch, but it's worth a try. Did you ever think that your wonderful spouse was just tired of the same old routine? Perhaps she yearns for some excitement. Maybe her sex drive has slowed down because every encounter is the same. What if you invited her along? A visit with one of our sexy courtesans may get her engine revving once again. Whether she's always wanted to experience a threesome with another woman, would enjoy watching someone else pleasure you, or just needs a safe place to express her fantasies, a visit to the Chicken Ranch may be exactly what you need to jump start her libido.

Before you consider cheating, leaving, or just accepting a sexless existence, be open and honest with her. Including regular visits to a courtesan at the Chicken Ranch might just save your marriage.

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Friday, 23 March 2018


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