Foot Fetish

There's nothing like the sight, the touch, or the taste of a gorgeous pair of feet. High heels, polished toes, a shiny anklet, or maybe even au naturale, a woman's foot is the epitome of sexy. The curve of the heel, the softness of the skin, they're just perfect.

Have you ever opened up to a sexual partner about what really lights your fire? This could've gone one of two ways. Either you shared your kink and your partner happily obliged, or you were honest about what turns you on, and it turned them off. Opening up about your most intimate desires can be frightening, and sometimes it can backfire.

But not at The Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.

Our lovely courtesans won't judge you. They'll just do everything in their power to embrace your kink and give you the experience of a lifetime.

Am I Weird?

Every person is different and sometimes the traditional "erogenous parts" don't rev your engine. Breasts are beautiful, a shapely ass is nice to look at, but for you, feet are the sexiest part of a woman.

Feet are a common fetish and there's nothing to be ashamed of. While it's not for everyone, many women enjoy a nice relaxing foot rub, a gentle toe sucking, and even the occasional tickling. And who doesn't want to be worshipped?

The beautiful ladies at the Chicken Ranch enjoy whatever brings you pleasure.

What are my Options?

This really depends on you. Would you like to worship a woman's feet from afar or do you prefer a more hands on approach? If you just like to look, our ladies have a variety of high heels to turn you on. You may even want to spend some time in our Dungeon kneeling at the feet of a beautiful woman. The pressure is off as she'll tell you exactly what she wants you to do.

Maybe you like the look of a bare foot and want to watch as she rubs away the day's stresses for herself or another courtesan.

If you like to touch, you can start with a sensual foot bath, preparing a warm soak for your lady with essential oils before you move on to an erotic massage. Use your fingers to both soothe and excite her. Taking her toes into your mouth, you can stimulate her before the clothes ever come off.

Always wanted to give a woman a pedicure? Paint your lady's toenails whatever shade of polish you'd like to see. You'll be up close and personal with her beautiful feet, and you'll make them even prettier.

Want more? How about a foot job from one (or more) of our sexy courtesans? They'll use their feet to cradle your manhood and give you an experience you are sure to remember.

If sexual intercourse is a part of your desire, our beautiful ladies will be happy to oblige.

How Do I Approach it with the Ladies?

When you visit the brothel, the best way to ensure that you have the time of your life, is to be open and honest with the ladies. They are here to pleasure you, but they can't read your mind. If you'd prefer to introduce your fetish before you meet, email the lady (or ladies) you'd like to party with and tell them what you are looking for. That way, you can ensure that she's available when you plan to visit, and on board with what you'd like to do.

If you prefer to chat in person, view the ladies in a line-up (you can even ask them to take off their shoes) or meet the perfect woman in our bar. Our ladies are open-minded and excited to fulfill your desires.

There's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. At The Chicken Ranch Brothel, our sexy courtesans will entertain your kink and incorporate whatever kind of play gets you going. You'll leave the brothel with your mind blown and memories to last a lifetime. Or at least until you come back for another visit.

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