The World Famous Chicken Ranch vs Online Classifieds

If you're looking for a beat up couch that may or may not have stains, or you need a "new to you" patio set that's been around since metal was invented, by all means, go online to the classified websites. These sites are fantastic for connecting people who have stuff with people who need stuff.

However, if you are looking to spend an intimate evening, searching the classified websites, or any website that promotes illegal prostitution, aren't the best options. What you need is time with a professional courtesan who will provide you with the most pleasure you've ever experienced. The World Famous Chicken Ranch, a legal brothel located right outside of Las Vegas, is the best way to find the companionship you crave.

Why is exchanging money with girl you chose online to meet you later a bad idea?

So many reasons.

It's not going to live up to your expectations

You've scrolled through the personal classified websites and you found the perfect lady. Her pictures are gorgeous. She's got these big, beautiful... eyes. And her body's not half bad either. Her name is Layla and after a few quick texts, she's heading over to your place for a night you won't forget.

One part of that scenario is definitely true. This will definitely be a night you won't forget.

There's a knock at the front door. Excited, you throw the door open. And there's... Ratchet. He's 6 foot 5, and his muscles are covered in a tapestry of tattoos. If you're lucky (and I use that in the loosest way possible), Layla is behind him waiting for money to be exchanged so she can get to work. If you're unlucky, Ratchet is alone. The whole thing was a scam and you're now in some very serious danger as he now knows where you live, that you have cash on hand, and won't tell the cops what happened.

When you come to the Chicken Ranch, what you see is what you get. You can select your lady (or ladies) from our website. Or if you'd prefer to meet them in person, you can request a lineup when you arrive, or let things unfold a bit more organically in our Leghorn Bar. However you decide to choose your courtesan, you can rest assured that she is the courtesan you will get... and fun you will have.

Online Isn't Safe

Maybe the girl you chose online is alone. And she's just as gorgeous as her pictures suggested (those chances are slim). She comes inside, makes herself at home on your bed and things start to heat up. Clothing is tossed aside and your bodies begin to intertwine. The next thing you know, you wake up with a throbbing… uh, headache. Layla is gone. So is your wallet, watch, laptop and phone.

Think this through. How's that conversation going to go with the police?

At The Chicken Ranch, you'll have no such issues. It will be a safe, fun experience, and only the sexy memories will linger. Remember, the Chicken Ranch is perfectly legal.

Prostitution in Las Vegas (Clark County) isn't Legal

Despite all the hype about "Sin City," and the rolling billboards advertising naked women, prostitution is not (and has never been) legal in Las Vegas.

Instead of putting your freedom (and reputation) at risk, visit the Chicken Ranch brothel in Pahrump. It's a legally licensed house of prostitution. Our courtesans are there to make sure you have a perfectly wonderful and safe experience.

There's a certain allure to finding a woman online and having her come to you, but when it comes down to it, this is not the best method for hiring a courtesan. Come to the Chicken Ranch brothel where you'll be both physically and medically safe, your night of pleasure won't be breaking any laws, and you'll get exactly what you expected (yet it will exceed your expectations).

Feel free to browse our beautiful Ladies for your dream woman and get ready for some fun that you won't regret. 

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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