What Happens in Pahrump, Stays in Pahrump

Every day that you wander into work, the temptation is practically unbearable. Your boss, your coworkers, your subordinates, maybe even your secretary - they're just all so beautiful! You can't help but sit back and dream of having that special "one on one" meeting. After all, they are so close you can almost touch them.

But you've watched the news.

Politicians, actors, comedians, newscasters... it seems like everyone is being accused of sexual harassment these days. Whether the rumors or true or not, it puts the average person in an uncomfortable position. While it's never been a great idea to fish in the workplace pond, these days it's just downright dangerous.

If you'd like to keep your job, your reputation, and your freedom, it's time to look elsewhere for the female attention you crave. Luckily, The Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada has the solution to all of your burning desires.

It's Legal, Safe, and Discreet

Let's get the really important part out of the way. The Chicken Ranch is a fully licensed brothel located in Nye County Nevada just an hour outside of Las Vegas. In case you're thinking "I'm already in Las Vegas. I'll just find a prostitute here," be ready to take on a whole new career making license plates and a whole new working environment... in jail. Prostitution is NOT legal in Clark County (where Las Vegas in located) nor is it regulated. This means you could be opening yourself up to a dangerous encounter with a pimp, or an unfortunate encounter with a doctor when the itching starts.

When you come to a legal brothel like the Chicken Ranch you are acting within the law, and you are safe. Our courtesans go through background checks and regular medical testing for STDs.

When you have an office fling, even one that's consensual, word will spread quickly and you'll likely become the topic of water cooler conversation. This damages your reputation and puts your future in danger. At the Chicken Ranch, discretion is the name of the game. The only people who will know about your amazing experience are the ones you choose to tell.

Despite what you may have heard, what happens in Vegas becomes part of your criminal record, but what happens in Pahrump... stays in Pahrump.

It's Their Job

And they love to do it! Our sexy courtesans come to work at the Chicken Ranch because they love sex. These ladies are skilled at what they do and they enjoy doing it. They want to pleasure you, help you live out your wildest fantasies, and send you home grinning from ear to ear. Whether it's your first time with a woman or you've had your fair share, these gorgeous women are sure to have a trick or two to make you moan.

Unlike your coworkers, these ladies are standing by, just waiting for you to take notice.

They are happy to play dress up

You've spent many a late night at work thinking about how nice it would be if your secretary would strut into your office, her mini skirt riding up her thighs with each step, a Scotch on the rocks in one hand and a leather paddle in the other. She'd gently place the drink on your desk and then assume the position beside it, handing off the paddle so you can give her a proper performance evaluation.

But that's never going to happen... until you visit the Chicken Ranch.

Our courtesans love to role play and there's nothing sexier than being "punished" for a job well done.

In our current climate, seeking female affection at work is a bad plan. Fortunately, there is a way to head off your desires before they become overwhelming. Before you have another thought about slapping your secretary on the ass, visit the Chicken Ranch Brothel and we'll make your fantasies come true. 

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


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