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Name:Name:  Chai
Description:  A sweet and spicey fetish Goddess
E-mail Me and Let's Talk About:  Whatever is on your mind. I'd love to get to know you so that when you're here our time can be spent exploring each other in more intimate ways.
My Hair:  Long, Luxurious, and Brown
My Eyes:  Caramel Brown
My Height:  7ft total. You don't believe me? Here, let's measure... yep, 5 ft tall with 3 ft of mouth *giggles* but sometimes I just say 5"4'
My Measurements:  Practically perfect in every way
Birthplace & Birthday:  Seattle, Early January
Gifts I love to receive:  Any gift that you are thoughtful enough to consider will light me up from the inside out! If you decide to bring me something then I love jewelry, scarves, all sorts of accessories, and the color blue!
My Favorite Vacation Spot:  Somewhere new! I love to travel and explore new places and cultures. Let's share adventure stories!
My kind of Men:  All of them! Every man brings something unique and exciting to the table so why choose! That being said, being respectful and open minded will always win me over.
My Sexual Fantasy:  I bet you're curious, aren't you? Most of my fantasies involve BDSM and fetishes! Send me an email and I will tell you all my dirty secrets ;-)
My Specialties:  2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, BDSM, Couple Party, Fantasy Session, Fetish,GFE, Half and Half, Handicapped, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Role Play, Single Woman,Straight Lay
What I Do Best:  Giving you everything you asked for and more. I have extensive experience in BDSM and with most fetishes. I also love the GFE! Connecting with others is incredibly important to me and nothing allows me to snuggle into our time together quite like the GFE.
My Personality:  I am a calm and passionate fireball! I can be incredibly outgoing and am always easily amused. I also have a dark sense of humor and am not afraid to use it!
My Bedroom is Decorated:  Blue! I also keep several buddha statues for beauty and meditation.
My Favorite Drink:  Dark roast coffee or chai tea
My Favorite Food:  Mango and Indian Food
My Favorite Music:  I love almost all music. There's a special place in my heart for traditional Irish music, powerful female vocalists, and Frank Sinatra
My Favorite Movie:  Rear Window, Heathers, or Beauty and the Beast
My Hobbies:  I love being active and going  outdoors. I also enjoy making art, working out, shopping, and visiting museums!


Email me here at the Chicken Ranch, just fill-out the WHITE FORM directly below.



If you have had the pleasure of a "PARTY" with this lady, please share your experience by COMMENT-ing below. Remember, keep it clean ;-)

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Customer Feedback (4)

  • Brian

    12 October 2017 at 22:31 | #

    I do not have the words to express just how fantastic Chai is as a lover. I had the privilege of partying with this wonderful lady three times in as many days, with each experience leaving me both physically and emotionally satisfied yet desperate for more of her time and attention. She may jokingly refer to herself in play as a “goddess” but that may very well be the perfect way to describe her -a deeply intelligent, empathetic, playful, and skilled companion that goes above and beyond to ensure that all of your fantasies are met. I cannot give a more glowing recommendation for Goddess Chai and I’m already counting down the days until I can make a return trip to the ranch to party with her again!


  • Robert

    10 October 2017 at 13:45 | #

    This young and beautiful Courtesan has it all, from the most gorgeous D cups to the sweetest smile and attitude. Those are only the beginning. She is so sensuous that she is every man's dream girl. She has a unique and delicate touch that is tops.. She was unrushed and playful as well. Her willingness to please and her personal enjoyment of the moment were unsurpassed It is hard to get her out of my mind, she made me feel so good.! Better hurry, I am going back today and I've got an idea her schedule will be starting to fill up. By the way, her pictures do not do justice to this beautiful girl. She is physically beautiful, a real pleaser and intelligent and educated too.


  • Sam

    05 October 2017 at 07:22 | #

    Chai and I spent a little time chatting in the bar before moving on to a more intimate setting. Let me start out by saying that every once in a while you're lucky enough to experience an instant connection with someone that you meet. That was Chai. She is beautiful beyond description, intelligent beyond measure, and incredibly articulate, She's a lover that most men will only experience in their dreams. Just to meet this dream come true was worth the trip from Las Vegas. Let me wrap it up by saying that I originally envisioned this as a one-time visit, but that has changed. I'll be back to see you again Chai, as soon as I can!


  • Matthew

    04 October 2017 at 16:21 | #

    Chai is so sweet, I wish I had the money to spend more time with her! I loved that she could both bottom and top during BDSM play though she was just as enjoyable during "regular" sex though there was nothing regular about it! ;^)


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