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  Cum play out your fantasies with me and for sure you will leave with an unforgettable impression with my undivided attention. Although you cannot see them; my deep dark brown eyes could best be described as "intense and inviting". My smile is contagious and my touch is sensually forever memorizing.

E-mail Me and Let's Talk About:
  I'm a very open and a great listener. Your fantasy can become a reality with me so let's plan on how we can spoil each other.

My Hair:

My Eyes:
  Dark Brown

My Height:
  5' 2"

My Measurements:

Birthplace & Birthday:
  LA, March 5

My Favorite Vacation Spot:
  Anywhere where I can have a perfect view of a sunrise and a sunset with nature.

My kind of Men:
  A gentleman that is respectful, sophisticated, open & honest; as well as true genuine intergrity without ANY FALSE PRETENSE. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Other pre-screening may be required when you arrive to show a valid ID before you can party with me.

My Sexual Fantasy:
  Only way to find out is behind my closed doors...

My Specialties:
  2 Girl Party, GFE, Half and Half, Massage Party, Straight Lay

What I Do Best:
  What I want more than anything else is to be an experience that you will never regret or forget.

My Personality:
  I'm a very easy to person to talk to, great listener with an open heart & mind along with a free spirit of an old soul. I'm a curious learner when it comes to meeting new people about their life stories. I enjoy finding a connection mentally, emotionally, physically, and all the above and below. I strive to go beyond to create a memorable experience. Every experience can be different, but ours will be unique and special. I'm a very poised, compassionate, and sophisticated woman with an intellectual down-to-earth humbled heart.

My Bedroom is Decorated:
  My room decor is irrelevant and the moment is just about you and me. As long as you let us set the mood; we can be anywhere in the world.

My Favorite Drink:
  Wine, Cocktails

My Favorite Food:
  Asian Cuisine

My Favorite Music:
  A little bit of everything

My Favorite Movie:
  Breakfast at Tiffany's, Indecent Proposal, Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge, Waiting to Exhale

My Hobbies:
  Spending time outdoors!


Email me here at the Chicken Ranch, just fill-out the WHITE FORM directly below.




If you have had the pleasure of a "PARTY" with this lady, please share your experience by COMMENT-ing below. Remember, keep it clean ;-)

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Customer Feedback (34)

  • Trouble...


    29 July 2018 at 19:50 | #

    Incredible time with an incredible girl, no amount of time could be enough with someone with this amazing of a personality and passion.


  • Pete Maverick

    Pete Maverick

    23 April 2018 at 12:33 | #

    I had to party with Gigi again, she was so amazing the first time. This time we added some massage to the fun - she got me nice and relaxed before getting me revved up again! Another fantastic party, she is truly spectacular.


  • Samson


    20 April 2018 at 18:41 | #

    You know, this definitely not one of the scenarios I thought that would come out of this! It was better than I could had ever imagined.

    First she made me wait. I thought about running out every minute I had to wait, but when she came out, made up for it with her intoxicating smile and piercing gaze and I forgot about all my anxiety (almost). Easy to talk to and with all the right curves. And her's unreal!

    The worst part was the end.


  • Pete Maverick

    Pete Maverick

    27 January 2018 at 08:41 | #

    Oh my God, what a party! Gigi absolutely rocked my world. She is very exotic and sexy and cute and sweet and funny all at the same time. She totally pampered me before, during and after our party. As a lover, Gigi is incredibly gifted with her hands, mouth and body, and brought me lots of pleasure with all three. She paid attention to every area of my body and didn't neglect my ego, either. I would highly recommend a party with Gigi!


  • Mr. Hawaii

    Mr. Hawaii

    18 January 2018 at 19:24 | #

    GRACIOUS !!!!!!


  • traveller


    06 January 2018 at 16:04 | #

    On a spur of the moment trip to Vegas I decide to explore the infamous Chicken Ranch. During a most beautiful lineup I decided to speak with GiGi. This woman is amazing. An experience to be remembered and relived in the mind and hopefully in the future at the ranch. Life's about experiences and she provides one hell of an experience. Thank you again.


  • Eagle Den

    Eagle Den

    05 December 2017 at 12:27 | #

    Another "Thank You" to Gigi...this lady inspires and captivates. She is a beautiful hostess that provides a wonderful energy....and that energy keeps giving well afterward...
    Dec3rd2017SupermoonExperience...a GFE memory of a lifetime...and if ever I experience the two-hour Heart would be in trouble...Truth.


  • Allen the Lawyer

    Allen the Lawyer

    04 November 2017 at 17:16 | #

    There is an old commercial for a raspberry ginger ale, in which John Cleese asks an expert to come up with an advertising slogan. As the guy is coming up with a bunch of superlatives ("terrific" "amazing" "unique" "stupendous" and so forth), someone shows him a piece of paper, to which he responds "very nice indeed", at which the Cleese character shouts out "that's it!" and adopts the slogan.

    Now, I am a gentleman who doesn't talk about what occurs behind closed doors, but suffice it to say that my experience with Gigi was very nice indeed. I will be booking again if I can make the logistics work.


  • Drew


    14 October 2017 at 11:19 | #

    This is the 3rd time I brought my disabled son to the ranch and his first time to party with Gigi. He is still smiling and talking about Gigi (we came in July). He is unable to write this review himself but he asked me to share that "Gigi is the BEST" he has ever had. (Before his brain injury, he had a normal sex life)
    So this is a huge compliment for Gigi. From my perspective, as a Mom, trying to help meet her son's needs, what could have been awkward and uncomfortable was very smooth. Gigi was very sensitive and compassionate to both of us. My son looks forward to returning in March and I look forward to seeing his big beautiful smile as a result. Thank you Gigi for your kindness.


  • Trucker Babyskin

    Trucker Babyskin

    09 October 2017 at 20:11 | #

    Just finished my forth round of parties with Gigi. The ultimate GFE. When I am with her its' like I am in another reality. There is no concept of time or space. It's as if she and I are the only two people that exist and our soul purpose is to please each other. Beautiful heart always thinking of others before herself. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. PERFECT!!!


  • Trucker Babyskin

    Trucker Babyskin

    01 October 2017 at 18:52 | #

    This was my third round of parties with Gigi. Every time it gets better. Its hard to find the words to describe the experience. Amazing, Perfect.


  • cuddler


    14 September 2017 at 18:37 | #

    Gigi is wonderful. She made me feel special. I was nervous at first and she made me feel so comfortable. I couldn't imagine having a better experience.


  • DT


    10 September 2017 at 12:14 | #

    Just left the ranch with Gigi for the second party the first party was amazing the second party was phenomenal talk about mind blowing she is the complete package from head to toe and inside and out she is a lady that every man dreams of having today my dream came true thank you very much Gigi I will be back soon


  • Trucker Babyskin

    Trucker Babyskin

    05 September 2017 at 17:19 | #

    Gigi is simply amazing. This was my second round of parties with her, she is as good as it gets. The best way to describe Gigi is PERFECT!!! Her outward beauty is surpassed only by her inward beauty. She truly has a kind heart. The ultimate GFE.




    04 September 2017 at 01:43 | #

    Wow is all I can say about my experience with this golden goddess! I actually visited the ranch on a whim and didn't know what to expect at all so seeing and being with her outperformed my wildest expectations.

    Gigi is gentle, caring, loving, and game for my foot fetish even with little prior experience! She was a fast learner, making me cum many times!

    She is also a great teacher and showed me how to please a woman; watching, hearing, and feeling her cum was a splendid treat.

    If you have the chance to visit anybody you can't do wrong going for Gigi!


  • DT


    17 August 2017 at 11:49 | #

    GiGi you were amazing, you left me speechless and wanting more. I am so blessed to have met you, the experience we shared will never be forgotten. I definitely will come back to see you. You are forever in my mind, I would love to spend all day with you and treat you like the goddess you are, and you are one in a million.


  • Birthday Boy

    Birthday Boy

    21 July 2017 at 13:14 | #

    WOW! My wife sent me to Chicken Ranch for my birthday and I was lucky enough to get Gigi. She is AMAZING. Many others have posted about her tight sexy body but it was better then I had imagined!


  • Trucker Babyskin

    Trucker Babyskin

    09 July 2017 at 11:27 | #

    Gigi is perfect. The ultimate GFE experience, I had three awesome parties and would have had more if I could have stayed longer. She is as good as it gets. Perfect.


  • Wedge


    08 July 2017 at 22:28 | #

    Gigi was a dream, a sexy, snuggly, armful of beautiful lady, with such soft skin and toned body and sooo responsive! Eminently kissable from neck to toes. She took excellent care of a "brothel virgin" like me. She took care to make a connection and make me feel relaxed. I never felt pressured, but she made sure I understood my options and how best to get the service I was looking for... to our mutual pleasure! She was generous with her self, sharing things with me and letting me know what pleased her as well. I hope to see her again in the future, perhaps in the bungalow next time? Kisses, my dear!


  • The Gamer

    The Gamer

    01 July 2017 at 16:25 | #

    It's like she said in her profile an Asian Goddess, I was in awe to her and was so calm but ready to go! The Goddess was really on point and was the best I have had. If you want a good time with a fun woman Asian Goddess see her, you'll be in awe. Thank you for the fun I'll be coming back soon very soon, The Gamer


  • Veteran


    19 June 2017 at 19:45 | #

    To say GiGi is amazing is an understatement. She gives new meaning to the word. Probably the best lover I've been able share time with. Don't miss an opportunity to spend time with her. You won't be disappointed. It's a privilege to receive her attention.


  • Pornstar


    19 June 2017 at 14:46 | #

    High was amazing! She is so welcoming, classy, beautiful, and sexy. My time with her was incredible. I will definitely be back to visit her in between the sheets.


  • Mark G

    Mark G

    17 June 2017 at 04:26 | #

    Gigi is one special lady like no other I've ever meet!!! Other than absolutely beautiful and gorgeous in every way possible is intellectually stimulating and smart to boot!!! And is a pleaser and good conversationalist not to mention very attentive listener. As well as a blast to be with and super friendly with a great smile and sense of humor. What more could one ask for in a person LOL!!!


  • Double Down

    Double Down

    16 June 2017 at 18:41 | #

    Well....where to start? First time I partied with her I was a bit apprehensive, my first time at a brothel lol! Of course I brought flowers as you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Second party was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. Just laying there with her, listening to music after doing the do......I did not want to leave. I cannot think of a better compliment......


  • Navy Pilot

    Navy Pilot

    10 June 2017 at 18:08 | #

    This is my third review of Gigi. The Universe gave me all that I sourced in Gigi. She will give you a sex high like no other!! She puts you on her Gigi cloud, and you don’t ever want to come back down! My experience of Gigi is that she is completely present and in the moment with you, connected with you, and your vulnerabilities are safe with her. She is skilled at setting you free in more ways than one. She sees you, she feels you, she hears you, she senses you. Her energy surrounds you, and draws you in with her looks, her way of being and the AMAZING sex high. She will also captivate you in conversation finishing your sentences, and being on point. She is a powerful and educated woman, and of course a top shelf sex goddess. I
    feel like I stepped into my dreams with Gigi. Wild horses could not drag me away from seeing her again and again. Accept no substitutes!
    Gigi is the ONE!


  • Junglegym


    25 May 2017 at 17:58 | #

    Wow! I had and amazing time at the ranch, I was really nervous when I first got there. I chose Gigi right away, she is absolutely beautiful Never had that much fun with somebody in my life. Lol I came from California and it was well worth it. I would love to meet up and party with her again. We looked so good together, she gave me so much confidence, and really helped me out with my anxiety. It was my first time having sex, I had amazing time, learned many moves, I will be back?


  • Cyberman


    25 May 2017 at 16:37 | #

    Gigi is so much fun. She is so versatile and picks up on changing moods. She is everything that everyone else said (except we ran out of time ... those things have to wait for next time). Yeah, I am kind of a nerd but she can go with anything. So cool.


  • Navy Pilot

    Navy Pilot

    15 May 2017 at 16:38 | #

    This is my second review of Gigi. I previous reviewed her on April 22, 2017. Every word I wrote then applies in spades. Please take the time to read it. As I said everything I had to say in my first review, I am resorting to some prose to express the rest for Gigi:

    Where does the river lead? Where does it flow?
    Does it join other rivers, or does it empty into the sea?
    Will it swallow me, or will it lead me to my destination? Sometimes it does not matter when anyplace is better than where you are. Trusting and crossing the soul of the river leads to the words;
    You are a leaf of the great oak
    You are a bit of the rain
    You are a grain of the boulder
    You are a wisp of the wind
    You are a wave of the ocean
    You are a ray of the sun
    Where the brooks and streams babble may I hear your voice
    Where the eagle and hawk soar may I be a feather of your wing
    The river soul has been born again and Gigi remains all things beautiful.

    I have cloud surfed with my aircraft and created many great memories, but few as great as you. I have felt great freedoms sailing and flying off our nations great carriers, but the freedom I felt with you was among the best I have ever felt.

    Be well my friend and thank you very much for your amazing company yet again…….time to sail....

    Navy Pilot


  • A Boy

    A Boy

    22 April 2017 at 20:15 | #

    Gigi was the highlight of my Vegas trip. Right away she made me feel comfortable and was genuinely interested in creating a connection between us. Once she knew what I liked, she took over the entire ride. She was incredibly sexy and intensely passionate. I also love her taste in music. Overall, Gigi exceeded all my expectations and gave me an amazing experience that I will not forget. Will definitely need to see her again next time I'm back in Vegas.


  • Navy Pilot

    Navy Pilot

    22 April 2017 at 12:16 | #

    GiGi was and is AMAZING! A number 1; top shelf; and finest of the fine. I had originally picked GiGi from lots of profiles, but when I first reached out via email the note said she was on vacation. I was disappointed, and while I had picked out a number 2 and 3 option, I decided to wait for what I truly wanted which was GiGi as my number one. I trusted my gut and I am SOOO glad I did!!! After two weeks I got an email back from GiGi saying that said had returned to the CR. I was excited and booked that appointment. My experience of GiGi is that she is a gift, and my time with her was literally heaven on earth. She is like a rare gem, and the finest of wines. She is completely present with you, attentive, and authentic. Her college education reveals itself in conversation. Gigi is very, very, skilled and obviously highly trained. You can trust her. She far exceeded my expectations on every level, but the thing that blew me away was her way of being and the connection. It is said the deepest need of the human heart is to feel connected. That my friend’s is what happened to me as I truly felt connected as she was present with me all 360 degrees. The sex by itself was 100%, “A” number one!! This was more like an Event vs. trip to the brothel. The Event is called GiGi and I carry the best of memories with me like flying off aircraft carriers……it was that damn good!!! GiGi, I‘ll be back you can bet on that!! Much Love-

    Navy Pilot


  • Mr Sophisticated

    Mr Sophisticated

    18 April 2017 at 14:18 | #

    Gigi was extraordinary! She is beautiful inside and out. Her personality matched her beauty. Your fantasy awaits you!!!


  • Scott


    18 March 2017 at 18:26 | #

    Gigi is absolutely amazing!!!! Beautiful figure, gorgeous face, and best of all, down to earth personality. Gigi really knows how to make a guy feel special, and her fortune cookie is a true treat!

    This fine lady is the best I ever had, she probably doesn't remember, but I met her several years ago as my first experience, and our last meeting was better! Even though I feel Gigi went above and beyond the expectation, she left me leaving wanting so much more from her, like a sleepover...

    I hope to make it out of March Madness with some extra money to visit with Gigi again, if not, she will always be in my fanatasy's and I will be back in April!

    Until then this Asian Sensation is the Ultimate Fantasty!


  • Boo Boo Baby

    Boo Boo Baby

    16 March 2017 at 01:54 | #

    You will not be disappointed. Gigi is everything and anything you could possibly want in a lady. She is absolutely gorgeous, polite, tight, petite, and as good as you thought possible. If you want your wildest dreams to come true, Gigi is your girl.


  • Hammer


    10 March 2017 at 19:23 | #

    So glad to see that Gigi is back for her clients!! She is such an amazing woman and provides an incredible experience you will NEVER forget. Intelligent, gorgeous, tight, and a wild ass fuck; what more could you ever dream of! Gigi is very polite and courteous, but when she gets turned on the animal inside cums out and game on! She spares nothing in providing the ultimate experience and satisfaction. Cum in and let Gigi give you a spin!!!


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