Ivy Quinn




Ivy Quinn
“A kitten upon approach, a lioness upon release“
E-mail Me and Let's Talk About:
Anything! Im very open-minded and I don't judge. My goal is to take care of you and focus on your needs while we are together- UNLEASH YOUR FANTASIES WITH ME!
My Hair:
Changes with my mood, I like bold colors and long, luxurious curls
My Eyes:
ambery-brown like the desert earth drenched in sunset
My Height:
5' 5"
My Measurements:
Thick and Delicious - like so many sweet things you'd enjoy treating yourself to ;)
Birthplace & Birthday:
I'm from the midwest and I'm a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp (mid january)
Gifts I love to receive:
Any items you'd know us girls to need for the job- condoms, wipes, lube, toys- I appreciate a good sensible gift I can get plenty of use out of. I also collect perfume, cologne(I'm SO obsessed with Gucci Guilty and in my opinion, it's a very unisex scent) and high heels. I'm absolutely obsessed with the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Deadshot and Deadpool. Bring on the DC & Deadpool t-shirts, decor and collectibles!
My Favorite Vacation Spot:
Washington DC, so far. But I plan to tour Germany, Austria, Romania and Hungary eventually. My family is fresh off the boat from that region- I'm a first generation American! Amsterdam, South Korea, Thailand and Bali are big bucket list destinations too.
My kind of Men:
I hope this doesn't sound cliche`, but I adore intelligent men. Bonus points if you can make me laugh, Big kudos if you can handle my dry wit and affinity for puns.
My Sexual Fantasy:
you'll have to ask me in person ;) I would call myself a threesome veteran- so bring the wives and girlfriends for a night you'll both never forget
My Specialties:
2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, BDSM, Couple Party, Fetish, GFE, Half and Half, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Single Woman, Straight Lay
What I Do Best:
I'm great at finding the lovable qualities in people and making them feel like the most important person in the building. Communication is key- I'm here for you and I value the fun we can have and the possible friendships that can result. Also, even if I can't personally cater to an idea you might have, your secrets are safe with me-again I'll never judge, and I'm happy to point you in the direction of a girl who can meet that need.
My Personality:
I'm a very pensive person, I can be lost in my own mind for hours if nothing distracted me. But socially and on the clock- I am VERY outgoing and vivacious. I'm a comic book nerd and I also stay informed on politics and current events. Spend time with me and the interesting conversations will flow effortlessly. I'm also a pretty open book with the exception of a couple personal subjects. You're getting the real me, all of it!
My Bedroom is Decorated:
Lots of red and black, very romantic and cozy. As time goes on I'll add more personal touches and throw in my nerdy favorites.
My Favorite Drink:
whiskey on the rocks, fireball and Dr Pepper ... Or moscato or a pina colada if were just relaxing
My Favorite Food:
Crab boil, sushi, a good steak or garlic lamb- I'm a food snob and actually a very talented self taught chef!
My Favorite Music:
I listen to literally any genre, my favorite artist is Marilyn Manson though. I have his portrait tattooed on my forearm.
My Favorite Movie:
The Devils Advocate (Al Pacino as Satan soaks my panties -lol!) followed closely by The Big Lebowski
My Hobbies:
I'm a wild child that can also mellow out if the occasion calls for it. We can party hard or we can snuggle up watching Batman the animated series and discussing life- I'm just as happy either way. At home, my hobby is spoiling my wolf hybrid puppy. Or you'll find me sipping coffee on a friend's couch catching up and laughing at each others stories.


Email me here at the Chicken Ranch, just fill-out the WHITE FORM directly below.



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  • John


    17 April 2018 at 18:10 | #

    I had a completely satisfying experience with this beauty. Sure to go back for more... and more ...mmmm. Yeah more .


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