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We honor your chosen profession and offer a wonderful environment to help you succeed... Whether you are just starting out or work regularly, we think you will 'FIT IN' at the Chicken Ranch.

Have you ever heard the old adage "If you do what you love, you'll never work another day in your life"?

Well, this might not be what the author had in mind, but we like to think it applies here.

Maybe you've often thought of working in a brothel, but you weren't sure if it was right for you. Read on to find out why the Chicken Ranch might just be the job you've always dreamed of.

Is This the Right Place for Me?

Working for a brothel isn't for everyone. It takes a special kind of woman to put men at ease and then rock their world.

Let's start off with the most important question... do you like sex? If you don't love the intimacy, the excitement, and the pleasure of sex – this won't be a good fit. But if there is nothing you love more than getting hot and sweaty with men (and sometimes women), there is no better job on earth.

Next, are you constantly fielding compliments as to how beautiful you are? Are you often described as "hot" or "sexy"? Even better! The Chicken Ranch has some of the most attractive women from around the country, and we are looking for more. Patrons at the brothel have different taste and we like to have a variety of looks, ethnicities, body shapes, etc. to cater to every person that visits.

Finally, are you hesitant to strip in your home town for fear that you might run into someone you know? Maybe you've even thought about doing porn but you're afraid of being recognized? The Chicken Ranch is most likely thousands of miles away from where you live, so the chances of running into your 1st grade teacher are pretty small. Plus, it's completely private and you don't need to have your face shown on our website if you don't want to!


Why Choose The Chicken Ranch?

The Chicken Ranch spends money to make you money.

  • We’re always trying new marketing to help bring you business.
  • We constantly track our online and offline presence to see what works.
  • Everyone is treated with respect and courtesy...we have a happy house.
  • Your pictures will be displayed on our "Best in show website" to feature you and your pictures at no charge.
  • You'll have the ability to connect with an in-house photographer.
  • You'll have the opportunity to have your own Chicken Ranch branded video which we put on the website and on video websites to help promote you.
  • You'll have professional Social Media help to get your business up and running at no charge.
  • You'll have transportation services from Las Vegas and back if needed.
  • You'll have cooks that provide nutritious and tasty meals and allow special requests for food.
  • You'll be working in a very neat, clean, and orderly house..
  • We protect your business by being active in the government that passes the brothel ordinance.
  • You would have access to our workout room, and tanning beds at no extra charge.
  • The Chicken Ranch has a  swimming pool, spa and private yard for your use and enjoyment.

So Many Benefits

Do you need more convincing? There are many benefits (beyond the money) to working with the Chicken Ranch... but let's start with the money.

First, you may think that porn "stars" are paid well, but they aren't. You can make more money working at the brothel while still maintaining your privacy. Same thing goes for stripping. Many of our ladies started out stripping and then came to work at the Ranch to make more money. Each of our courtesans is an independent contractor so you set your own prices and have control over how you run your business.

Second, the Chicken Ranch is like family! As one of our ladies, you will live with the other women for a couple of weeks at a time. The ladies are extremely close and enjoy each other's company. It's a relaxed environment and when you aren't working (and sometimes when you are) you can be lounging at the pool or in the spa.

Third, the Chicken Ranch is safe and legal. Nevada is the only state that allows legal prostitution. All of our courtesans receive medical testing before each stay and are trained to examine potential clients for any signs of STDs before proceeding.

Lastly, you can't beat the scenery. The Chicken Ranch is surrounded by beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see. If you like to hike, Death Valley is just a 20 minute drive away. Head in the other direction and you're an hour away from exciting Las Vegas! You can visit the Las Vegas Strip to dance, gamble, or just enjoy the sites.


Interview Virtually Today!

If you're worried about having to travel to the brothel for your interview, don't be. We're happy to do a virtual interview using a face to face chat service. You can interview from the comfort of your own home while we give you a virtual tour of the Ranch and answer any questions that you may have about working with our brothel. The process is painless and you can decide if working here would be a good opportunity.

No matter where you hail from, and where you are currently working, the Chicken Ranch provides an excellent opportunity for a fun and rewarding work environment. Connect with new and interesting people and love what you do!


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