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Extreme Privacy Option

Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and Other Privacy Conscious Individuals

The good news is that you're a high profile individual. The bad news is that you realize that you can't kick back and have fun anymore without the world knowing about it. These days everyone at Strip Clubs and Night Clubs has a high definition phone camera which means your fun night could be broadcast all over social media.

We Have The Answer

We always use discretion at the Chicken Ranch Brothel. We understand that our VIP's need discretion and privacy. Our extreme privacy option includes:

  • We have a private parking area away from the main entrance where we will direct you to park, or our limo driver can pick you up and return you.
  • You'll get ushered in from a private entrance which will protect you from encountering others. A manager, or your chosen Courtesan, will greet you and take you to your private room.
  • You can also choose to party in the bungalow.
  • Accepted credit cards are Mastercard, Visa, and Discover (Crypto payments, including Bitcoin are coming soon). All transactions are discretely handled.
  • Enjoy safety, security, privacy, and discretion at the Chicken Ranch, a legal licensed brothel.

How to Start

  • You can contact your chosen Courtesan from her profile page.
  • You can call the main number and ask for the Extreme Privacy manager.
  • If you've partied with a Courtesan, reach out to her directly to set it up.

In all cases, let them know that you want the Extreme Privacy Option.

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