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Chicken Ranch Brothel FAQ

Yes. We check all IDs when people enter. If you are traveling here from another country, make sure you bring your passport.

Appointments are a great way to make sure your chosen girl is available when you're here! An even better way to let her know you're serious is to leave a deposit. Choose your lady here and click the "Contact Me" link. That will take you to the form at the bottom of their page. Fill out the form. You can also call 877-585-2397 and let them know who you want to see and when.

If you'd like to make an appointment, you're more than likely going to want to leave a deposit. Why? Leaving a deposit lets your chosen lady know that you're taking your appointment seriously. This means that she'll be better prepared for your arrival and won't start another party that may conflict with yours.

Of course! You can request a line-up to see all our our lovely ladies and choose one that you'd like to party with. You can also choose to visit to just have a drink in our bar.

What is the cost of The Chicken Ranch Brothel is something we're asked about a lot. All of our Courtesans are Independent Contractors and set their own prices. Discussing prices outside of the brothel is forbidden. You can come by The Chicken Ranch to discuss with the ladies. They always do the best they can to work within your budget. This blog post "Chicken Ranch Brothel Pricing" will help you learn about the cost!
If you'd like to email your chosen lady, you should let her know the activity that you want, how long, and what your budget is. She'll let you know if she can work with it.

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash (ATM on property), and we accept wires in advance. If you're looking to use your credit or debit card, we recommend calling them in advance and tell them that you'll be putting a charge on it. For details of what the charge will say, please call 877-585-2397.
Coming soon- Pay with Crypto.

We're always looking to expand our family of lovely Courtesans. Learn more about it and how to apply here.

Absolutely! We love couples! Our Courtesans have the expertise in creating a pleasurable atmosphere where couples can freely explore their desires together. They are adept at fostering an intimate ambiance ensuring that both you and your partner feel comfortable and self assured throughout your visit. Whether you seek to add excitement to your relationship or merely wish to embark on an adventure as a couple our Courtesans are dedicated to assisting you in maximizing your enjoyment during your time with us. Read more about couples here!

Of course, please tell "your friend" the ladies of the Chicken Ranch have de-virginized thousands of men of all ages. They can also give tips, so that the time spent with them can equal years of experience.

YES!! The Chicken Ranch Brothel is a LEGALLY LICENSED house of prostitution in Nye County, State of Nevada.
Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Clark County where LAS VEGAS is located. Don’t get busted in Las Vegas, come out to the Chicken Ranch instead. We are legal, safe, and discreet.

In the city of Pahrump, Nevada which is about an hour outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

We do! If you're serious about a party, we offer free limo service from the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding areas.

MacCarran / Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada. You can call 1-877-585-2397 for FREE transportation.

We are approximately a one hour drive west from Las Vegas to the city of Pahrump, Nevada. We are the closest brothel to Las Vegas.

The Chicken Ranch is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
It's always a great time to stop by.

Not at this time, but coming soon we will have we will have a “toy display” that customers can purchase various items from.

You will never be filmed for any reason except for security cameras, but the Chicken Ranch’s success comes from decades of customer anonymity. Your visit here is no one’s business but yours and we strive to keep it that way.

There is no casino or casino games at the Chicken Ranch. There are however, casinos within 8 miles. But coming to the Chicken Ranch to get "lucky" first, is highly recommended.

We have VIP bungalows, a heated pool, hot tubs inside and outside, and Jacuzzi bathtubs in the bungalows.

Any time is a great time to stop by the Chicken Ranch. We’re open 24/7/365!

Yes! Choose your Courtesan and ask her if she parties with other ladies. You'll have a time that you'll remember forever.

We do! We sell shirts, hats, coozies, shot glasses and other items. Please visit our online store for purchases, or come in and purchase from our display.

We don't offer typical hotel room stays, but you can always do an overnight with one of our beautiful ladies.

You must be 21 years old.

You don’t have to get dressed up, but cleanliness and a little common sense helps you get a little further with the ladies.

Yes, we do… however, we do not supply Viagra.

Talk to your favorite Chicken Ranch Lady. They take pride in taking care of our servicemen.

Yes! We have a Full-Service bar. We charge neighborhood prices, not inflated strip club prices.

Yes, we have wheelchair ramps.