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Bringing Your Girlfriend or Wife to a Brothel

There comes a time in most relationships where a man utters the words “We should have a threesome”. Now if you aren’t prepared to support your claim, chances are that you’re going to get slapped. However, deep down, your wife or girlfriend has always dreamed of exploring her sexuality with another woman, she’s just been too nervous to try it.

If you’re interested in taking your relationship to the next level, a trip to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV may be the perfect step.

Explore your sexuality without the danger of infidelity

One of the biggest reasons that couples never experience the pleasure of a threesome, is the fear that their partner will lose interest in them and stray from the relationship. Sex is such an intimate experience that if you were to have a random encounter, say someone you picked up in a bar, or if you were to engage in a threesome with a friend or coworker, it can be a legitimate fear. When you share the experience with a licensed courtesan, that fear can be put to rest. Our ladies are sexy, talented, and provide a mind blowing experience for both you and your better half. However they are also professionals, and what happens at the Chicken Ranch, stays at the Chicken Ranch.

Strengthen your relationship

While it’s always enjoyable, sex can become a bit bland after years in a committed relationship or marriage. If you’d like to keep your partner happy for the long haul, you need to keep things fresh and spice up your sex life every so often. There is no better way to do that than a trip to the brothel. Your wife or girlfriend may never have experienced the touch of another woman, the soft caress of her fingertips, the feel of full lips pressed against hers, or the joy that comes from exploring a woman’s body. And you may never have had the pleasure to watch.

Sit back and enjoy yourself as your lady is brought to new heights by one of our beautiful courtesans, and when the time is right, join in. Experience the pleasure of having two women attending to your needs at once. Just don’t be surprised if they gang up on you and torture you with pleasure.

Live out your fantasies

Our sexy courtesans love to explore and satisfy your life-long fantasies. Whether that’s a pleasurable and playful punishment in The Dungeon, a steamy shower party where you get clean while being dirty, a sensual skin-to-skin massage, or a sexy role play session, it can be even more enjoyable with your significant other by your side. Or underneath you.

Never discussed your fantasies with your wife or girlfriend? Our lovely ladies have a way of making you talk. They can open the conversation and uncover desires neither one of you knew you had. Then, they can satisfy them. Chances are you can’t check off all your dreams in one visit. You may go home with a new way to play together, and you might just have to come back.

Learn how to pleasure your girlfriend or wife

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you leave the Chicken Ranch. You’ve spent years trying to figure out the female body. Some days it may feel like you need the precise room temperature, the right mood music, and perfect planetary alignment to bring your woman to completion. It can be frustrating for you (not to mention her) and sometimes you just wish she came with an instruction manual. We’ve got the next best thing.

Who knows how to pleasure a woman better than another woman! Allow our courtesans to show you how to take your wife or girlfriend from happy to writhing in ecstasy on a regular basis. Our beautiful women can show you just how to touch, kiss, and lick the lady in your life. Then take your new found skills home with you and become a hero in the bedroom.

The Chicken Ranch Brothel is the # 1 rated brothel for couples, and for good reason! Our courtesans will make sure that you and your significant other will have an experience that neither one of you will forget.