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Nice to meet you! I’m Addison.

With an open mind and heart, I tend to captivate and have a desire to please. I am a seductive fantasy and a well-mannered lady who relishes life’s simple pleasures. Allow my natural buoyancy and charm to seduce your senses as we explore this beautiful, erotic world together.

A bit about myself: I come from Celtic heritage, predominantly Scotland, so I have a strong affinity for Celtic culture and spirituality. I am an artist, a student, an avid reader, a cinephile, and an amateur philosopher. I enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy from time to time, and I occasionally indulge in a few select video games. I value deep, meaningful conversations and truly believe in the healing power of human connection and touch. To me, laughter is the best medicine, and music is a great unifier.

I take my health seriously. I do not smoke and lead a healthy, clean lifestyle. My typical morning starts with a walk outside for fresh air and meditation. I’m enthusiastic about yoga and regularly visit the gym, though I maintain a balanced approach. I don’t take myself too seriously and always channel my energy towards positivity and fun.

I absolutely adore nature, especially the beach and hot springs. I’ve visited wonderful beaches and hot springs around the world. Speaking of travel, I can’t think of anything more enthralling. The thrill of trying new restaurant cuisines, witnessing captivating architecture and scenery, engaging with diverse cultures, visiting landmarks and museums—I’ve even stayed in some famous haunted hotels. Let’s exchange our travel stories. Where have you been? Where would you like to visit?


The Coveted GFE: Intimacy is something we all desire—kisses, caresses, and cuddles. We also need to feel seen, heard, and appreciated for who we truly are. I possess a unique ability to intuitively provide the affection and attention you crave most. Let’s take our time getting to know each other. When was the last time you felt butterflies? Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Allow me to give you butterflies! I personalize every encounter to fulfill your individual desires. You’re special and unique, and I treat you as such.

Erotic Cultivation Instruction: Despite my soft, feminine, and demure demeanor, I’m not shy in the bedroom. I want to understand your desires, fantasies, and intrigues. Whether you’re a virgin, inexperienced, or it’s been a while since your last encounter with a woman, I am a patient, compassionate, and enthusiastic guide. With years of erotic education, the ultimate goal is always to have fun!

Couples Sensual Retreat: Working with couples is a passion of mine, and I’m truly honored when a couple chooses me for their first erotic adventure with another woman. I provide a comfortable, safe, and respectful environment for you to explore your fantasies together. Every couple is unique, with varying needs, desires, and boundaries. We’ll thoroughly discuss these aspects before our session begins. Over the years, I’ve had countless successful couples sessions, earning me a reputation as a couples expert.

Kink and Fetish Exploration: over time, I’ve acquired knowledge and experience with various alternative forms of erotic pleasure. It’s essential for you to feel at ease in a judgment-free space to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned fetishist or just curious, I offer a wide array of carnal fetish adventures. Some popular options include foot play, lingerie, role play, spanking, and bondage.

Sensual Domination: Have you ever wondered how it would feel to surrender control to a beautiful, sensuous, and gentle woman, allowing her to guide your body, mind, and spirit to orgasmic heights you never thought possible? Let me introduce you to Sensual Domination—a softer, encouraging form of BDSM. Think blindfolds, wax play, edging, and more.

Sensual Lifestyle Coaching: Many clients have expressed their desire to lead a more sensually enriched lifestyle. Often, they’ve focused solely on work and forgotten to nurture the deeper aspects of themselves that bring pleasure. They’ve lost the ability to connect with those they feel attracted to and believe they lack “game.” This is far from true! Whether you’ve been single for a while or are just emerging from a long-term relationship, we can collaborate on a plan to boost your confidence and desirability, helping you get back out there.

The Afternoon Delight: Sometimes, all we need is to alleviate stress and troubles through an orgasmic connection. An old-fashioned, spontaneous romp can be incredibly fulfilling and just what the doctor ordered.

Erotic Massage: Rejuvenate from the day’s stresses with a body-to-body sensual massage. I blend Tantric and classic massage techniques, incorporating nuru if you desire. Tantric massage focuses on the sensual areas of the body, promoting healing, connection, and inner peace.

Whichever adventure you choose, my true aim is to provide an exceptional experience that leaves you with a deep sense of mind, body, and soul rejuvenation long after our encounter ends. I want you to fondly remember our time together, bringing a smile to your face even on your darkest days.


*Visiting Vegas? If my schedule doesn’t match your vacation dates, email me. With 48 hours’ notice, I can make myself available just for you!

*Please contact me directly via the contact form on this page before scheduling.

My Hair: Natural Blonde
My Eye Color: Aqua Blue
My Height: 5'6"
My Birthplace and Birthday: California, Scorpio
My Measurements: 32 E, 25, 34
Favorite Vacation Spot: Bali
My Kind of Men: I adore kind, generous men with impeccable hygiene.
My Sexual Fantasy: You bring all of your friends to play with all of mine. Every last one of us becoming hot and bothered in the jacuzzi. Then, we take our party into the private suite for an orgy of epic proportions.
My Bedroom is Decorated: Romantic, comfortable, inviting, and clean.
My Favorite Movie: As a dedicated cinephile I have countless movies on my must watch list. Perhaps we enjoy one of them together in bed?
My Favorite Music: Everything from Classical, Rock, R&B, Samba to Progressive metal. I have several carefully curated playlists for us to choose from, and I am open to suggestions.
My Favorite Food: I am a foodie, and enjoy the experience of trying fine cuisine from allover the world... My favorite deserts are decadent chocolates, and pastries.
My Favorite Drink: I love herbal teas, and the occasional glass of sparkling ros'e.
My Hobbies: My hobbies tend to be as eclectic as my music taste. I garden, knit, create art, read, travel, hike, body surf, write, practice yoga, and play video games. I am also an accomplished equestrian.
My Specialties: BDSM, Couple Party, Dress-up/Drag Party, Fantasy Session, Fetish, GFE, Half and Half, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Role Play, Single Woman, and Straight Lay
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Magical night with Addison

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2023

This was my first visit to a brothel. I researched available brothels, courtesans, and their reviews. All the ladies are beautiful. But after reading Addison’s profile and blog, I was impressed by her intellect and personality.

I flew to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of meeting Addison.

After arriving at the ranch, Addison greeted me warmly after a short wait. She is not only beautiful, but very personable. She took me to the Safari room where she explained the legal rules and prices. I opted for an all night girlfriend experience. We had a magical evening, starting with a light supper and bottle of champagne. I enjoyed our conversation ranging from the mundane to the philosophical. She really is an intelligent and empathetic woman. She made me feel at ease and it really did feel like we were old friends. The night progressed sensually for several hours. Addison was focused on my pleasure and enjoyed herself. Afterward we fell asleep cuddling. It was a magical night. I can hardly wait to see her again! I highly recommend Addison; if you want both a physical and spiritual connection with a wonderful, sexy, and beautiful woman.


Best Ever Intimate Encounter

Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2023

Her smile and warmth alone guarantee an unforgettable experience. Addison possesses a remarkable talent for putting you at ease, even when you are full of nervousness. Her guidance and conversation have a way of boosting your confidence effortlessly.

Words like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful’ hardly do justice to the sheer mesmerizing charm that she exudes. I never even imagined the possibility of spending time with someone as enchanting as her. Everything flows seamlessly, leaving me in awe of her abilities. I’m on cloud nine after spending time with this stunning and utterly captivating individual.

In fact, I’m still in disbelief that I had the privilege of spending time with someone who is not just beautiful, but also possesses a jaw-dropping charisma that can truly leave you spellbound.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit her; you’ll find that the experience is beyond words.


couples visit

Rated 5 out of 5
August 27, 2023

We chose to make an appointment with Addison after reading that she only takes appointments vs just showing up, after reading her page we felt she might be best for us. Our visit was about my feeling more comfortable in my sexuality. As soon as we met, we felt she was soo genuine and felt an instant connection. She was soo sincere and such a beautiful person. she was very accommodating for our time together. We look forward to our next visit!



Rated 5 out of 5
August 10, 2023

What can I say about Addison? Wow, wow, wow! In all honesty, I’m finding it quite difficult to write this review. She will leave you speechless. If you’ve looked through her photos, obviously she is stunning. You never really know what to expect when you meet in person but I’m here to tell you that she is even more beautiful in person. The moment she walked in the room, in a simple summer dress, the first word out of my mouth was… “WOW”. Once you have a moment to sit and chat a bit, you’ll find that she is very smart, funny, honest, and so easy to talk to. She seemed genuinely interested in who I was, what my interests are, etc. You’ll find it so easy to open up to her as if you’ve known her forever. She found ways to relate to me and my situation and even shared some of her own personal life… WOW! There is no doubt that Addison is VERY good at EVERY aspect of her job. But she honestly seems to enjoy what she does and how she can help you forget about the everyday BS you might be going through and live out a little fantasy, even if just for a few hours. To me, it’s always the little things that make it the absolute ultimate GFE. The way she runs her fingers through your hair and her gentle caresses. But when she gazes at you with those beautiful blue eyes you will absolutely melt… WOW! Ladies and GENTLEMEN, if you ever have the time and resources to visit with Addison, do not walk, RUN to see her. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.



Losing my virginity

Rated 5 out of 5
July 7, 2023

I had a fantastic time with Miss Addison; her co-worker was very welcoming. In our short time, she had given me the confidence I needed to boost myself and gave me insight into what I was capable of. Thank you for giving my first experience a bang. I look forward to meeting Miss Addison again in the future.


Eyes that can read your soul

Rated 5 out of 5
July 5, 2023

There are no words that can properly describe Addison. From the moment you meet her, her blue eyes will ensnare you. You’ll be completely captivated by her incredible ability to make you at ease. She is extremely skilled at engaging you at whatever level you’re comfortable. Addison effortlessly guides you towards your desires, acting so intentionally and effectively that you’re completely unaware of it as she leads you towards Nirvana. When you’re with Addison you forget the stress and worries of the world as you lose yourself in her. I highly recommend visiting her to anyone. If it’s your first visit or one of several it doesn’t matter, Addison will provide an experience you’ll never forget.


Double the Fun, but Still not Enough

Rated 5 out of 5
June 29, 2023

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of spending time with Addison again. It was even better the second time around. We were comfortable with each other from the first moment. I could have spent the day talking with her about a myriad of topics from the personal to the mundane. There is so much more I wanted to ask, share, and learn. She is so sensitive and skilled at the art of conversation that I almost forgot to enjoy the other skills she has mastered. Thankfully, she reminded me, but next time I am going to devote more of our time to those other skills.

I wholeheartedly concur with all of the adjectives and superlatives used in the other reviews. It is hard to find new ones. I think that anyone who does a little research about Addison and is intrigued would be smart to set up an appointment. It is an opportunity that you do not want to miss. I wish I could visit during every tour and a few times in between with just a 24-hour notice.

The warm, alluring, sensual interaction with Addison is magical. It is worth whatever extra effort is needed to make it happen. I am so glad I took the plunge. My only regret is the likelihood that I will not have an opportunity to enjoy all of Addison’s other skills, but that does not mean that I will not keep trying. She is definitely worth every moment you can share with her.


Just Wow....What an Amazing Experience with A.G.

Rated 5 out of 5
June 4, 2023

It really is quite hard to put into words how amazing Addison is at her craft. This woman is gorgeous, sensuous, kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, and so, so much more.

While I’ve partied at the ranch before, I always get anxious and nervous chatting with all the lovely women that are echelons beyond my reach in the real world. Upon going to her room, Addison chatted with me for 10-15 minutes, which helped to put me at ease a bit, before we started talking pricing. Before I knew it, we came to terms and I was being walked out to our main party area for our date.

I am a gentlemen so I won’t go into too many details about my shared experience with Addison. I will say that she is just such an amazing person, inside and out. There is a line in the song “Only Girl” by Rihanna that goes “want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world”. Now I am a guy, but for some reason, that line just resonated with me so much throughout our entire session, especially as we got towards the end. I can say that she definitely did make me feel like I was the only person that she needed to worry about for our time together.

Again, Addison, thank you so much for a remarkable experience. I might have gone overboard on my budget, but you were worth every single penny. I can never forget the feelings, tenderness, and passion that you shared with me. I will make a grand return for another session in the future.


Amazingly beautiful and sophisticated

Rated 5 out of 5
May 24, 2023

I had the great pleasure of meeting Addison Gray today. The lady is perfection. She is kind and sensitive and breathtaking in every way. If you have an opportunity to spend some time with Addison you will not regret it.


The absolute queen of sensual domination

Rated 5 out of 5
May 24, 2023

When looking online, I was drawn to Addison’s profile right away. I thought both her website and the CR website showcase her amazing beauty in such a perfect way.

Then, once I got to meet her in person, just WOW, she blew me away from the moment we met. I felt an instant connection with her. Beautiful, gorgeous, funny, easy to talk to…just perfect.

We talked a bit as I shared past experiences and current interests, and then proceeded on a party journey specialty of hers, sensual domination. This was my first dungeon experience and to say it was out of this world just doesn’t do it justice.

If you are dungeon or BDSM curious, then her sensual domination party is the perfect way to start. We clearly talked about my desires and both of our boundaries, and our time together was SPECTACULAR. I can’t wait to do it all over again (after I complete my homework of course)

Addison my queen, 5 out 5 stars just isn’t enough. Thank you for an experience I truly loved and will NEVER forget.


Your humble subject (and your forever personal human sex toy)




Rated 5 out of 5
May 13, 2023

Well…this isn’t what I planned on writing lol .. I never read any of the reviews until just now. See, my energy picked Addison by the third paragraph of her Bio…I was just drawn there and chose that path of least resistance…I am so grateful I went downstream with my guide’s pull towards Addison.

So I thought about how I would word my review and my experience…and came up with what I thought would some witty way to describe my experience and how all my fantasies were realized blah blah…and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

I decided to read some reviews before I did mine, and after quite a few reviews and comparing them to my experience and then looking at the dates of these reviews, my jaw dropped a bit as Addison stepped into her true power right then and stood…stood in that power-owned it–period!!

Who and What is Addison-She is pure energy masterfully projected from a mind of balance and power. Manifested as the perfect Woman visually. Delicately blended to just the right ratio at any given time to ultimately achieve her own desire-which is to be your path to you fulfilling your fantasy and your desire…should you be lucky enough to be allowed into receive her gift… and she just draws energy from that and grows more refined. Yes there’s boundaries…of course there is-lets get that straight first.

The most important part is your ability to be honest with yourself first about what you want and then effectively communicate those wants to Addison. If those wants fit inside the boundaries and you have the balls to truly allow yourself to receive it-(there’s a big difference between wanting it..asking for it…and allowing it unchallenged). If you can do these three things.. trust me, you will have your experience I promise!! You’re not going to have anyone else’s experience…it will be uniquely yours…and how fulfilled your are is only limited by your ability to fully allow it to be-and your ability to be respectful.

Were all my fantasies fulfilled??…I have physical and mental fantasies that often contradict themselves but are equally important to me. I went with the path of least resistance at any given moment and allowed them both to have their turns…and what I got was the perfect blend of physical and mental stimulation…I was left amazed and wanting to go around the next corner to see and feel more. That’s all I have to say about that…my experience is my experience and I cherish it, guard it and its for me.. not you. I urge you to be honest with yourself and Addison.. go have your own experience, if you do it right, you’ll never forget it…I know I wont…best 9 hrs of my personal life so far ever…period!!! She exposed doors I couldn’t see and exposed doors I could see for what they truly are or were…the opportunity for growth she left me exposed to is priceless. Bottom line…your experience can be as meaningful as you want it to be…

Addison, I truly see and appreciate your ability to listen…mirror and blend in a way that seamlessly manifests yourself in that moment as the perfect fitted missing piece when you are allowed to be fully received. You are timeless and I am grateful that I was able to share time and space with you…

Your friend all-ways



Love Doctor

Rated 5 out of 5
May 7, 2023

I picked the hottest girl there and her personality matched the body. She whipped me back into shape! Left me a happy camper!


Addison and A Time To Remember

Rated 5 out of 5
May 6, 2023

A encounter with Addison starts with a warm smile, her soothing voice and a gasp at her breathtaking beauty. You are immediately grateful that you have chosen to spend time with her, and that she has allowed you into her world. The talk will start out with genuine interest in learning about you as a person, and will move on to how to get the maximum enjoyment of your time together. Once the arrangements are made and the alone time begins their is no pressure, no hurry, everything flows smoothly and as it should be between two people interested in each others’ company. Addison will make you the most important person of the moment as her touch and her voice guide you to a pleasurable experience. You will feel so good about what is happening that you will feel compelled to return the favor to her with attention and care. You will be treated well and you will learn how to reciprocate the best time possible between two people sharing intimacy.

I speak these words from experience, and urge you to treat yourself to the joy that I have in spending time with Addison.


A wonderful experience

Rated 5 out of 5
May 6, 2023

I’ve never felt more comfortable and relaxed around someone in my life…….. she just has away of making everything feel so natural……and very hot at the same time……. !!!!!! Looking forward to a trip to the chicken ranch to see Addison again…..


Kind loving soul creating phenomenal experiences

Rated 5 out of 5
May 6, 2023

Addison is truly a very unique person that is filled with beauty in so many ways. She makes the extra effort to deliver an experience that you will never forget. Beautiful face, blonde hair, and a terrific body. You won’t go wrong with her


A girl friend experience like no other

Rated 5 out of 5
April 24, 2023

I’ve never been made to feel so comfortable and relaxed … this lady has a way of making you feel so special… a beautiful lady that has a special place in my heart ❤️ I’m … making pains to visit her at the chicken ranch this summer…


Out of the world Experience!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2023

If I could, I would give my GFE experience with Addison a ten star!! It was one of a kind fun filled, exciting, yet meditative experience. Addison is a gorgeous, sensual woman who has a natural ability to put you in your comfort zone quickly in a nice way. She is gracious, kind and a smart worldly person who can engage in conversations on any topic. I look forward to connecting with her in the near future. Thank you Addison!!!


Couples session

Rated 5 out of 5
April 19, 2023

Addison is a beautiful, sensual woman. My wife and I had fantasized about a threesome for a long time, and our time with her exceeded all expectations. A very sweet, cherished time.


Beyond expectations

Rated 5 out of 5
April 19, 2023

Addison is one who genuinely seeks to know her guest in order to fulfill the desires and expectations with passion, humor and empathy. She applies her communication skills adeptly. She is such an easy person to talk to about almost anything. I’m shy, but quickly felt at ease in her presence. She’s a genuine person. It’s easy to compliment her stunning beauty, but to get a glimpse of her heart, personality and character is the true gift of sharing her time.



Rated 5 out of 5
April 14, 2023

Ever since Addison posted her profile online I wanted to meet her. She was well worth the wait. When she came out to greet me, I just melted. What a beautiful woman! Addison’s demeanor was calming and relaxing and immediately put me at ease. Thank you, Addison! You were phenomenal. I had a fantastic time! I’ll see you again, soon.


What a beautiful woman

Rated 5 out of 5
April 14, 2023

Went to the Ranch to spend some time quality time while on vacation. No appointment, just stopped by and got a lineup. As the ladies walked out, I saw Addison and wow, she’s gorgeous. During our private time I got the up close experience in multiple ways and was even happier I chose her. Highly recommend spending time with this amazing woman.


Just the best!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 14, 2023

The time I met Addison I felt ease due to her genuine smile and kindness. She is an intelligent, super super clean, and easy to talk. It made you feel like a friend, just naturally. She is so rare on this planet so please respect her as much as you can. Be very clean before meeting her. The reward will be unforgettable… I don’t want to share too much details since I am selfish and like keep her just to myself:)…. However, to appreciate her time I am sharing some details. She is just perfect! She gave me the best GFE experience I never felt anywhere else. Her touch, her skill, the sexy body, will melt any man. I felt like a king and the way she looked at me, just so satisfying. It removed all my stress immediately.

Addison, I can’t wait to see you again… Take care! Thx a billion!!!


Addison and A Time To Remember

Rated 5 out of 5
April 11, 2023

Seeing Addison walk towards you, the first thing you notice is her smile. It is friendly and dazzling, a perfect introduction to the time you are about to experience. She welcomes you with her soft and soothing voice, immediately putting you at ease. You are made to feel calm and excited at the same time as you discuss the time you will spend together. The softness and gentleness continues as you get t know each other more intimately . She demonstrates an intelligence about the world of pleasure and a genuine interest in satisfying your desires, in a way that both a gentleman and a lady find acceptable. You will be driven to make her feel as good as you feel, which makes the experience all the more intense.

My experience was of the GFE type, and you will feel as if you have known Addison for a very long time because of the connection she makes with you. This is because she tunes in to your vibe. Addison works magic in the way she joins with you to create a most enjoyable engagement. Nothing is forced, everything comes naturally, and the passion and pleasure level you achieve is possible because you treat her with the respect that she deserves and that she shows you in return. Time with Addison will rejuvenate you and take you to a place you will want to come back to again and again. I know that’s how I feel, and I know will too once you have the joy of spending time with her.


Addison Gray

Rated 5 out of 5
April 10, 2023

Addison brings a new meaning to the girl friend experience…..she makes a man feel like a king ….Until now I had only been to other brothels, but those days are over ….the Chicken Ranch is the only place for me…… hope to visit again soon……thanks for the memories Addison…….. looking forward to my next visit. !!


Everything I wanted and then some

Rated 5 out of 5
April 9, 2023

Partying with Addison just flowed like a natural fit. Like we had already known and been with each other. She was inquisitive, receptive, and attentive. She gave me everything I wanted and then some. She just has an easy-going, natural way about her that makes everything flow smooth as silk and above all fun.