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Greetings! I am Alice Little—a 4’8″ petite, all-natural redhead, known for my unrivaled expertise in the art of intimate companionship. You may have caught glimpses of me on programs such as the Tim Ferriss Show, Lisa Ling, The Skinny Confidential, and more.

When I’m not immersing myself in the world of companionship, you’ll find me tending to my small farmstead, surrounded by my beloved horses and goats. I take great pride in practicing ethical and sustainable agriculture, nurturing the land that sustains me. Let me share a little secret—I have a nerdy side that’s just as deep as my passion for nature. Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, comics, and video games are my personal havens of joy. I find immense pleasure in diving into the realms of fantasy and imagination, and I’m always up for lively conversations about our favorite characters!

What sets me apart is my approachability and intellect. I thrive on engaging conversations that delve into the depths of the mind and the heart. Whether we’re discussing your dreams for the future or exploring the complexities of life, I’m here to be your confidante and companion through it all. Allow me to take you on a journey where pleasure, connection, and unforgettable moments await!

I cater to a diverse clientele, embracing the spectrum of desires and preferences. Whether you’re a distinguished gentleman seeking a memorable encounter, an adventurous couple eager to ignite your passions, a curious virgin longing for a gentle introduction, or a novice to the world of brothels yearning for a first-time experience, I warmly welcome you with open arms.

My offerings don’t end there—I am well-versed in the arts of kink, BDSM, and fetish exploration. Allow me to be your guide through the realms of exquisite pleasure and sensual discovery. Together, we will embark on an intoxicating journey that will leave you craving more.

Discrimination has no place in my world. I embrace diversity and welcome patrons from all walks of life. Your comfort, satisfaction, and confidentiality are my top priorities. Trust that our encounters will be shrouded in discretion and treated with the utmost care. Join me on an enchanting rendezvous, where passion, intimacy, and authentic connections intertwine. Together, we will create memories that will linger in your heart and mind, long after our time together has passed.

My Specialties:


Intimacy is a fundamental human need, an exquisite symphony of emotions that nourishes our souls. It is the tender kisses that ignite our senses, the gentle caresses that awaken our desires, and the heartfelt conversations that forge deep connections. In the realm of the girlfriend experience, I am here to fulfill that need in the most captivating and enchanting way possible. With every touch, every glance, and every word, I strive to create a space where you are truly seen and heard, celebrated for the extraordinary person that you are.

Overnight Experience

Imagine a night filled with enchantment as we embark on an unforgettable overnight experience. Our evening begins with a private dinner, where the ambiance is set by flickering candlelight and the air is filled with anticipation. As we savor a delicious meal, our conversations flow effortlessly, allowing us to delve into the depths of our souls and connect on a profound level. The allure of intimacy draws us closer, igniting a passionate flame that dances between us. In each other’s arms, we find solace and contentment, as the night unfolds in a symphony of tenderness and desire. The morning sun gently kisses our skin as we wake up, still intertwined and filled with a profound sense of connection.

Multi girl Fantasy

In this enticing scenario, two or more of my alluring friends will join us, their presence a tantalizing invitation to explore on a whole new level. Together, we delve into uncharted territories of pleasure, lost in the throes of passion, as our fantasies intertwine and create a world where ecstasy knows no bounds. Fulfill your desires and experience pleasure beyond your wildest imagination!


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of exploration, one that will deepen the connection you share with your partner? Together, we’ll embark on an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer than ever before, creating a tapestry of erotic memories to cherish. As your guide, it would be my utmost pleasure to assist you in navigating your first threesome. We’ll proceed at a pace that feels comfortable for you both, engaging in open and thorough discussions to establish boundaries and limitations that honor the sacred bond you share. Your relationship will always be respected and cherished throughout our time together, ensuring that this experience becomes a beautiful chapter in your journey of love and intimacy.

Sex Coaching

From exploring the intricacies of desire to understanding the nuances of pleasure, I have delved into the depths of human sexuality, guided by personal experiences and genuine curiosity. As your guide, I am here to share this wealth of knowledge with you, bridging the gaps left by traditional intimate education. Let us embark on an enlightening journey where I will be your companion, offering insights, techniques, and an open-minded space to explore the art of pleasure, all while honoring your unique desires and boundaries.


Indulge in the tantalizing world of erotic massage, where pleasure and relaxation intertwine in a sensual dance of heightened sensations. As an experienced practitioner, I offer a range of intimate offerings, including Yoni and Lingam massage. With skilled hands and a deep understanding of the human body, I will guide you on a journey of exploration and bliss. Through gentle and deliberate strokes, I awaken your senses, unleashing waves of pleasure that ripple through your entire being.


As an experienced educator and leading industry expert on BDSM, I am thrilled to welcome you into the fascinating world of kink, fetish, and BDSM exploration. Whether you are a curious newbie or an experienced participant seeking an equally experienced partner, I am here to guide you on this exhilarating journey. With my extensive knowledge and expertise gained from traveling and presenting at over 75+ events, I am well-equipped to provide a safe and educational experience. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of your desires, discuss consent, boundaries, and communication, and introduce you to a wide range of exhilarating sensations. My goal is to empower and support you as you explore your fantasies, enhancing your connection, and deepening your understanding of the rich tapestry that BDSM offers. Let us embark on this transformative adventure together, where pleasure, trust, and growth await.

My Hair: Red
My Eye Color: Brown
My Height: 4' 8"
My Birthplace and Birthday: 5/3/90
My Kind of Men: Intimate-Communicative-Passionate
My Specialties: 2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, BDSM, Couple Party, Dress-up/Drag Party, Fantasy Session, Fetish, GFE, Half and Half, Handicapped, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Role Play, Single Woman, and Straight Lay
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August 3, 2023

I spent time in heaven with an Angel named Alice. She was so comforting, understanding and sweet beyond measure. I will treasure my time with her for eternity.

Thank you so much, Alice


An evening with Alice

July 28, 2023

Once she entered the room I was immediately flabbergasted she made me feel very comfortable & the overall experience was very pleasant


First time at a Brothel and Alice was incredible

July 28, 2023

As a first timer and someone who has been single/divorced for a very long time, Alice did a great job putting me at ease. She was warm and kind, as i was very nervous. Alice showed great patience and allowed me to go at my own pace. It had been many years since I had been intimate and she made it so incredibly easy for me to relearn how to be intimate. I would highly recommend Alice and I am (not so) patiently awaiting my next visit to the Chicken Ranch.


G.O.A.T- greatest of all time

May 30, 2023

It’s easy to see why Alice Little is #1. I was so nervous coming to a brothel for the first time and didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I saw Alice’s sweet little smile it was like time stopped.

She enchanted me with an evening of magic- and she gives an amazing back massage too! I decided to stay longer than expected to just spend a little more time with little miss Little.

Alice, you changed me forever. I can’t wait for round #2!


Best couple's date EVER

May 29, 2023

We came into Las Vegas for a concert and seeing Alice became the highlight of our vacation. She’s such a doll and even prettier in person.

Thank you Alice for a very fun time!


Big fan from England

May 21, 2023

Hi there everyone and to Alice I have known Alice a couple of years now, she’s the best, kind, patient and passionate. Really is a privilege to know her and converse with Alice too.


I see why she is Number 1

May 12, 2023

Alice is a little cutie and looks better than her pictures. In the days leading up to our appointment, she kept in contact. I went for the GFE and she gave it her all, including some cuddling time afterwards. So, if you are looking for a bundle of sweetness with great sexual prowess, you can’t go wrong with Alice.


She is a very comforting educated woman

December 26, 2022

She is very easy to talk to or answer any of your questions make you feel comfortable


Very good

July 27, 2022

It was very good girls are friendly helpful



May 26, 2022

Oh. My. god. I couldn’t stop saying it during my exceptional afternoon with Alice and I’m still saying it the next day. Effortlessly put me at ease and provided both passion and play in a skillful mix. Incomparable. Oh. My. God.


A passionate Irish fireball

April 4, 2022

I only shared love with her once . But such a powerful love that has never left my heart and has stuck in my head all the years sense we shared that magical time together. Their is so much more to Alice that what you will get in the bedroom. She had show me how to love a women i a way a man should. For this i am Eternally to her. Just one regret and some day i will make that right some day. Trust me i have been around many years and have had my share of women. NO WOMAN as ever given me what Alice did. A must see woman if you want a experience of a lifetime she will touch your sole and light your fire ! a 5 stair


Amazingly Patience & wonderful lady

August 16, 2021

For me as a prior being military member, I have PTSD, and also have anxiety issues from flying and just being around a gorgeous ladies. Alice is a true and genuine lady if you ask me. She helped put me at ease for my first ever trip to Chicken Ranch. She was really patient, understanding, answered all of my questions and then some. I do recommend checking out the Brothel Etiquette do’s & don’t, it helped me out, if it is your first time going to one of the ranches. Thank you again for a wonderful party at your suite. I look forward to our next future session together. Hugs 🤗 Patrick


Alice is so much fun!

June 13, 2021

I had a great time partying with Alice. She is as kind as she is beautiful. I was totally blown away by how skilled she is and how great she made me feel about myself. The atmosphere with her is as calming is it is steamy. The experience was totally intoxicating; I can’t wait to visit again.


Alice is awesome!

June 10, 2021

Alice Little is everything I could’ve hoped for on my first-ever trip to a brothel. She was affectionate and attractive, made me feel welcome and at ease, and definitely gave it her all during our session. Seeing Alice was a belated (thanks to Covid-19) 50th birthday present from my wife, and she was worth the wait — in fact, we’re hopeful that we can somehow manage to go see her together for a threesome sometime down the road.

If you have the time and the means, definitely visit Alice Little! 🙂


Fit, Fun, Beautiful, 2 hour gf:)

May 17, 2021

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Alice was clear, cool and beautiful. I wasn’t prepared for the gf experience. Way more than expected. Sincerely good human with a body that belongs on a painting in the Getty. I am grateful for the memory


Great experience, great personality
Rated 5 out of 5
May 10, 2021

I had a short time with Alice, and can say she is an amazing woman. Very beautiful, very sweet and kind. From the moment we met she made me feel wanted and genuinely listened to what I was saying. Very attractive, and a fellow nerd! Haha. I had a bit of personal issue during my visit (totally my own issue, nothing to do with her), but she was understanding and made sure I got the most out of my visit despite that. I would definitely recommend her to someone that wants more than just sex, and to someone who wants that as well, as she is very attractive and sensual.

Brandon Bohannon

First time=fantastic!
Rated 5 out of 5
May 6, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Alice. This was my first time going to a brothel and I was still a virgin at the time, so I was a bit nervous going in. Being an introvert, it’s a bit hard for me to connect with women. But Alice was such a warm, kind, sweet and beautiful soul that I felt at ease when talking to her. She was so patient and encouraging and gave me a little more confidence in myself. I’m really glad I got to spend that time with her and see her for her authenticity, her passion and her dedication to what she does. She really made my first time memorable and a very intense and pleasurable experience. She definitely left me wanting more. Thank you!Show less