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Hi, I’m Bonnie! Sweet and sensual is what you will remember about me. Seduction and intimacy is my craft. I’d love to get some alone time with you to give you the experience of a lifetime. Don’t be shy; come get a taste of a natural born, wild west, American girl. Can’t wait to meet you!

My Hair: Brown
My Eye Color: Blue
My Height: 5'6
My Birthplace and Birthday: Ohio - December
My Measurements: 32C
My Personality: Relaxed, a good listener, goofy.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Daytona, Florida
My Kind of Men: Gentlemen that love a sweet and sensual woman.
My Favorite Music: Any and everything! (Deftones is my favorite band)
My Hobbies: Dance (pole and ballet), photography, crafting.
My Specialties: GFE, Handicapped, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, and Straight Lay
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