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Discretion is the Name of the Game

Picture this. It’s been a long week at work and you are so relieved that Friday has arrived. You head into a strip club for a few drinks and a night of beautiful ladies gyrating to heart thumping music, slowly and seductively removing clothing as they rub their near nude bodies up against you. You lean back in ecstasy, and just before your eyes flutter closed… you see your boss sitting down behind you.

Well, that makes for a really awkward staff meeting come Monday morning.

If you are looking for a truly private, truly discreet evening of pleasure, you won’t find it at any strip club in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter. But if you venture just an hour west of Las Vegas, you’ll find a magical land of discretion, satisfaction, and the sexiest women you can possibly imagine. Welcome to The Chicken Ranch Brothel.

Sex should be a private affair between two people (or three, we’re totally cool with three. More is okay too, our ladies love to party together). When you come to the Chicken Ranch, our ladies will treat you to a day or evening of pleasure the likes of which you have never experienced. And our courtesans will never kiss and tell.

You’ll start out with a sexy, sudsy shower where you’ll really want to drop the soap. Your lady will lather you up and get you nice and clean before you get dirty. Next, your beautiful courtesan will lead you to her private bungalow where she will delight you with her… skills. Looking for an even more unique experience? You can request that your sexy courtesan takes you to one of our themed rooms. Perhaps you can be the lion tamer in the Safari room, enjoy a romantic interlude in the Victorian Secret room, or receive a proper spanking in the Dungeon for all your naughty behavior. With no one to see you or judge you, you can delight in your wildest fantasies without the fear of repercussions.

Still hankering for a strip tease? Spend some time in the Private Spa and Strip Club for a sensual dance and a dip in the jetted spa. It’s outfitted with a pole for your private dance and the perfect lighting to watch the show. The best part is unlike your normal strip club experience, we encourage you to touch the ladies, and you won’t go home unsatisfied.

Looking for a massage to ease your tired muscles? Your courtesan will show you to our private massage room where she’ll relax you and excite you at the same time. What happens after your massage is between you and the sexy lady, or ladies, of your choosing.

If you are a Vegas local, or have a rental car, you can visit the Chicken Ranch on your own. However, if you need a ride (no pun intended) or want to start drinking early, we can pick you up in an unmarked vehicle from wherever you’re staying, and drive you out to the Ranch. You can sit back, relax, have a drink to loosen up, and feel secure that no one knows where you’re going, and you won’t be sharing the experience with your boss.

Now picture this. It’s been a long, hard week and Friday is finally here. You head home and find a friendly driver waiting at your house with a car fully stocked with your favorite drinks. You kick back and listen to some music as he delivers you safely and discreetly to the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. You head in, choose the perfect lady to spend the evening, or even the weekend with. You delight in her body and enjoy hours of ecstasy at her hands (and mouth). When you’re done, you settle in for another quick trip back to Vegas, and Monday morning, the only people who know about your experience, are the ones you choose to tell.

When you visit the Chicken Ranch Brothel, your experience will be completely satisfying, completely legal, and completely discreet. When you party with our ladies, trust that our lips will be sealed (well, not entirely).