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Escorts on the Las Vegas Strip Vs. A Legal Nevada Brothel

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… unless of course, you choose to hire a prostitute within city limits.

There’s a common misconception that “Sin City”, as it’s often referred to by tourists, is a place where anything goes. Sure, Vegas is the home to the 99 cent shrimp cocktail, Cirque shows of every genre, and the “loosest slots”, however when it comes to consensual, professional sex, Vegas is not the “one-stop shop” you might expect.

Las Vegas is found within Clark County and despite what you may have heard, prostitution is NOT legal in Clark County. In 1971 lawmakers passed an ordinance allowing the legal licensing of brothels and prostitutes in Nevada. Another law was passed that same year prohibiting the legalization of prostitution in any county with a population over 700,000. This was an attempt to avoid red light districts in populated cities and means that prostitution remains illegal in Las Vegas.

Despite the lack of legality, it’s not difficult to find a prostitute in Las Vegas. It’s also not wise. When you look for a professional escort in Las Vegas, you are likely to find a few other things: STD’s, a potential for danger, fraud, and law enforcement.

The last souvenir you want to bring home from Las Vegas is Chlamydia. When you pick up a prostitute from the street or call one of the many “escort” services in Las Vegas, your good time may be soured by a parting gift that you can’t return.

Thankfully, there’s another option. If you travel to Las Vegas in search of good times beyond the poker table, you can venture just a little bit farther into Nye County and visit the Chicken Ranch brothel. The Chicken Ranch is a legally licensed house of prostitution in Pahrump, Nevada, just an hour outside of Las Vegas. All legal, background checked, medical tested and safe. And, it is a friendly, fun and happy place with beautiful professional courtesans to share time with you.

As you walk along Las Vegas Blvd, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the “Stripper Trading Cards” that litter the sidewalk. One of the ladies may catch your eye and a few minutes later you find yourself holed up in your hotel room dialing the number and ordering that sexy woman to join you. The only problem… the lady you ordered is probably not coming. Someone is going to show up, but it might not be her. These companies are famous for playing a “bait and switch” on customers and sending a 3 when you ordered a 10.

When you visit the Chicken Ranch, what you see is what you get. You can view the ladies in a lineup or get to know them at the bar or parlor before making your choice. Visit us today or tonight, go to the sports bar and the see line up of ladies working and available… right now.

Looking for love on the streets of Las Vegas can be even more dangerous. Many prostitutes have pimps to protect them and “handle” billing. Unfortunately for you, that agreed upon price may go up after the deal is done and you might find yourself spending more quality time with the pimp than the woman you hired. Not to mention the fact that the prostitute may decide to rip off more than your clothes. Say goodbye to that watch your grandfather gave you, your cash, and possibly your ID. Good luck getting home.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas. As much fun as it may be to have a lovely lady join you in your hotel room, if you do that, your next roommate may be a man named Bubba. Police can and will arrest you for solicitation in Las Vegas. Penalties can include fines of up to $1000 and 6 months in jail. At The Chicken Ranch, the only way you’ll end up in a dungeon, is if you pay for it.

If you choose to seek out a bit of adult companionship when you visit Las Vegas, just remember that in order to stay healthy, safe, and out of jail, you’ll need to venture outside of city limits. The ladies at the Chicken Ranch will be waiting for you with open… arms.