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Experience Fireworks This 4th Of July

We love fireworks just as much as the next person. But you know what we love even more than blowing things up for the sake of entertainment?

Mind-blowing sex.

With the 4th of July just around the corner, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than a good ol’ round of legal, consensual, orgasm-laden sex. Happy Birthday, America!

Sure, you could spend the evening sweating your balls off, drinking beer with your buddies and hoping that no one loses a hand and has to get a ride to the hospital. Or, you could spend your 4th of July at the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada and experience real “fireworks.”

Which sounds better?

Good choice.

Celebrate 4th of July at the Chicken Ranch Brothel

Why not convince your buddies that a trip out to Pahrump is a better way to spend the holiday? We’ve got group VIP packages to make your night unforgettable. We’ll even pick you up at your Las Vegas hotel so you can start relaxing on the ride to the Chicken Ranch. Throw back a couple of drinks (not too many, remember this isn’t the main event) and enjoy the ride.

Once you arrive, you can ask for a line up in the front parlor or you can head into the Leghorn Bar to meet some of the lovely courtesans. Our sports bar and strip club has a pool table, karaoke, and a dancing pole to kick off the party if you’d like to relax before or after you enjoy the ladies. We’ve got something and someone to satisfy everyone’s tastes and there will be plenty of ladies so you’ll all be entertained.

Choose Your Party

Once you’ve selected the beautiful woman you’d like to celebrate with, she’ll show you to her room or to one of our themed party rooms. From there, the experience is up to you and each of your friends (separately, of course). Maybe you’d like to start out with a sexy rub down. Your beautiful courtesan will massage every inch of your body with her hands and then maybe her mouth. Once you’re fully relaxed, she’ll bring you back to a more “excited” state.

Or perhaps you’d rather spend some quality time in our dungeon. Whether you’d like to be the spanker or the spankee, punishment will be doled out. Nothing screams 4th of July like whips and a ball gag.

Maybe you’d like to have some good, clean, American fun. Start out in the shower and let your sexy entertainment soap you from head to toe. Unfortunately, we don’t have loofahs so the ladies have to use their breasts. We didn’t think you’d mind.

Our private suites even have jetted tubs so you can settle into a bubble bath. Don’t worry, we don’t supply rubber duckies, but you’ll have plenty to play with underneath the surface. There’s a bed nearby so you won’t have to go far once you’ve popped all the bubbles.

Always wanted to play with two lovely ladies at once? It is a special occasion after all. Our courtesans love to party together. You can sit back and watch as they explore each other’s bodies with fingers, lips, and tongues. When you’re ready, jump on in and experience the joy that comes only from the company of two women pleasuring you at once.

No matter how you choose to celebrate with the ladies, you’re in for an unforgettable evening.

When you bring your buddies out to the Chicken Ranch Brothel for 4th of July, you’ll be the hero of the holiday. It will be a night they’ll never forget and you’ll have some amazing stories for the ride home. If your friends don’t want to come, that’s okay. We’ll make sure that you’re not lonely. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks.

Can’t make it out here for 4th of July? That’s okay, there’s always Flag Day… or Tuesday.

[Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash]