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How To Get More For Your Dollar At a Brothel

While you may be paying to party with a lovely courtesan at the Chicken Ranch, it’s still important that you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner during your visit. When you behave appropriately, you will gain the favor of the ladies and make it a more satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Show respect for your chosen lady:

Keep your body clean and well groomed

Do you remember the stinky kid in elementary school? Every school had one. Try as his parents did, they just couldn’t get him to take regular showers, use deodorant, or change his underwear on a regular basis. Hardly the “popular” kid, he was unpleasant to be around and often found himself lonely and sad.

Don’t be that stinky kid.

It may seem obvious, but it bears mentioning. The activities you are about to partake in are physically intimate and that means you need to shower before you get there, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, apply deodorant, and possibly even do a bit of manscaping. No one is asking you to get a Brazilian on your way to the brothel, but neat and tidy goes a long way to ensuring that you have the best possible experience, and your lovely lady doesn’t spend the rest of the evening trying to cough up a hairball.

Showing up clean and fresh will show her that you are respectful of her and ready to have a great time.

Be Kind and Courteous

There’s a reason why women go nuts for a “Southern Gentleman”, and it’s not the Southern part. Women like to be wooed, to be worshipped, and most importantly, to be treated with respect and dignity… unless of course you are partying in the Dungeon, in which case, that may be the exact opposite of what she wants.

Don’t treat your courtesan like an employee (unless you are role-playing, in which case she’s been a really naughty secretary), but rather like a girlfriend. Compliment her, be gracious, be appreciative, and don’t take her for granted. She’s about to share something really special with you and should be treated as such.

Don’t Be Cheap

Sure, you like a good deal as much as the next guy, but you aren’t negotiating a pair of used athletic shoes at a Yard Sale. A courtesan is not only sharing her time with you, and providing one heck of a service, she’s also sharing her body with you. She will give you a price for the requested services before you begin. If the amount quoted is out of your price range, don’t haggle! Be honest, but be kind. Let her know that you have a smaller budget for your visit and ask what services are available for what you can afford. It’s also extremely disrespectful to compare prices between courtesans, or even worse, with illegal prostitutes that you may have encountered in your past. While she loves her job, she is running a business and she needs to be compensated for her time.

Be Safe

Of course a big part of this is wearing a condom for all acts, but safety starts well before the bedroom. Chances are that you are larger than the lady you’ve chosen, and likely stronger. While one of her primary concerns is pleasuring you and providing an experience that you will never forget, another is keeping herself safe. She may ask you to walk in front of her as she guides you through the brothel, respect that. Remember that even when money is exchanged, “no” means “no”. If your courtesan tells you to stop something, listen. And if she wants to restrain you in handcuffs, well that just means you are in for a good time.

Be Gracious

A simple “Thank you” goes a long way. Chances are that your lovely lady has knocked your socks off and rocked your world. Tell her how much you appreciated her tender caress, and budget permitting, give her a nice tip. You can even leave a review on her page about your experience!

Your experience at The Chicken Ranch Brothel should be sexually and emotionally satisfying for both you and your courtesan(s). By showing respect and gratitude, she’ll want to make sure that you come back for more.