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Nuru Massage

Time for a pop-quiz:​

What is Nuru?

A) A Japanese delicacy involving puffer fish.

B) A new Anime character with mind control powers.

C) A wet sexual massage where both the masseuse and the client are fully nude. A massage that provides you with the release you truly need.

If you answered C, you are not only correct, but on the way to the most sensual and sexually liberating experience of your life, courtesy of the beautiful women at The Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

Massages are nice, but can a masseuse really release your stress and satisfy your sexual desires with just two hands? What if she could use her whole body?

Nuru exotic and erotic massage hails from the bathhouses of Japan and provides a sexually stimulating and satisfying massage for both the masseuse and the client. Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese and involves the use of nuru gel, a combination of nori (seaweed) and aloe vera. This creates the slipperiest, most moisturizing massage oil available, not to mention the most amazing experience of your life.

The warm nuru gel is then poured over your body, creating never before felt sensations as the masseuse slides her naked skin against yours, using her legs, breasts, and much more to awaken your umm… senses.

Now that… is a massage.

Have you ever had a traditional massage (even one with a happy ending) still felt tense, stressed, and not quite satisfied? If so, you are in for a treat. This Japanese specialty coupled with the beautiful ladies you’ll find here at The Chicken Ranch will leave you wondering why you ever settled for a plain ol’ rub down.

What does your Nuru adventure entail?

You can choose your beautiful masseuse from a lineup of our lovely ladies, or relax in our bar or parlor, have a cocktail, and get to know the women. We’ve got sexy ladies for every taste from the girl next door to the exotic.

After you’ve decided which lady (or ladies – they love to play together) tickles your fancy, you will start out with a steamy and arousing shower to clean your body and clear your mind of the day’s stresses. She will slowly lather your body, soaping you from head to toe, caressing every inch of your body, and washing your tension away.

Once your bodies are wet and primed for massage, your sexy masseuse will prepare the nuru gel, heating it to the perfect temperature while you relax on one of our specialty Nuru beds, anticipating the titillating sexual journey that you are about to embark on.

Once prepared, your beautiful lady will straddle you, pour the warm nuru gel over your chest and begin her slippery dance across your body. All you need to do is lay back, relax, and enjoy. You will be treated to a sensual experience like no other as her naked skin glides across yours. You will feel the weight of her breasts pressing against you, and the pressure of her legs as they wrap you in relaxation and full body pleasure.

Have a significant other? Our ladies love threesomes. If you’re interested in a couple’s massage, the beautiful women at The Chicken Ranch can create a shared experience, pleasuring both you and your partner.

Nuru Massage in Las Vegas?

If you’re in Las Vegas from out of town, or a local just looking to play, you’ll be happy to know that we’re the closest brothel to Las Vegas. Don’t take the many legal and safety risks of using an illegal prostitute in Las Vegas. We provide a safe, legal, and fun environment so you can truly enjoy yourself. All of our girls are tested so you can make sure that the only thing you take home are great memories.

Nuru massage is an unforgettable experience and a pleasure the likes of which you’ve never imagined. As we are a fully licensed house of prostitution, your sexual journey doesn’t have to end there. There’s plenty of time for oral sex, intercourse, half and half, shower sex, or a variety of our other sexual delicacies with our lovely ladies. No matter what you choose at The Chicken Ranch, your story always has a happy ending.
Please contact us to make sure someone is here to do your Nuru Massage. Even if we don’t have someone here specifically for that, we’ll be sure you’ll have fun if you come down anyway! If you have any questions about our Nuru Massage or any of the other services on our menu, please contact The Chicken Ranch at (877) 585-2397 or email the lady of your choice!