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Role Play Your Fantasies

Who says that adults can’t play dress up? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some good old fashioned skin on skin vanilla sex, but sometimes it’s more fun to let your imagination run wild.

At The Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV – our ladies will transport you out of the everyday grind and into a fantasy world filled with pleasure, excitement, and a whole different kind of grinding. Creativity is key when it comes to role playing, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Imagine those interactions in your real life that you’d always hoped would go a little bit differently, or conjure up situations that pique your… interest.

Sexy Secretary

Do you have a sexy secretary in your office that you wish would deliver more than the mail? Don’t risk a sexual harassment charge at work when you could easily play out this scenario with a sexy courtesan at the Chicken Ranch. With a tight little mini-skirt, a button down blouse (mostly unbuttoned), and horn rimmed glasses, this naughty girl isn’t afraid to sleep her way to the top. As a high-powered executive, you can bend your sexy secretary over the desk for a nice spanking or let her do her best work under the desk while you try to focus on your “calls”. If you’ve ever wanted to have someone “work under you”, this role play may be on today’s meeting agenda.

Naughty Nurse

Who can resist the charm of a woman whose job is to release your pain and make you feel good. She comes to you late at night wearing a white shirt dress (cut just low enough to showcase perfect breasts), white thigh-high stockings, and red lipstick highlighting full, sensuous lips. You are a wounded soldier who hasn’t known the touch of a woman in months. She’ll brush her lips against yours, caress your skin, and then pull back the sheets and thank you for your service. All you need to do is relax and allow your naughty nurse to be just what the doctor ordered.

Spy Vs. Spy

Maybe you like to live dangerously, desiring a secret meeting with a sultry spy under the cloak of night. She wears a black satin trench coat with red high heels and carries a satchel full of top-secret documents and a few choice “weapons”. You’ll need to pat her down and make sure she’s not carrying anything too dangerous. Just beware, she may not be wearing anything underneath that trench coat. After you’ve investigated, you can jump undercover to exchange dark secrets and untold pleasures. If you’re interested in some innocent “wet work,” your target has been acquired.

Maybe one of these scenarios makes all the blood rush to your… head, or maybe you’ve got some ideas of your own. Your imagination is a huge part of your sexual anatomy, so exercise it!

Anticipation heightens the experience, so why not plan in advance? Select one (or more) of the lovely ladies on our website and start a conversation. Email her and tell her what gets you all hot and bothered or ask for her favorites. Our ladies love to role play, and they are happy to share their fantasies with you.

Once you decide on a scenario, you can figure out the specifics. What will she wear? Will her character be sexy and sweet or dark and mysterious? What will she say? Will your courtesan be free to improvise or are there specific words you want to hear? What toys will you play with? Your sexy secretary may be deserving of a paddle, or your naughty nurse may want to give you a sponge bath. Or maybe, you just want to leave the decisions up to her. Let her imagination be your guide and her closet be your toy chest.

Once the time has arrived, shed your identity, your inhibitions, and your clothes and have some sexy, consensual fun. No matter who you choose to play with and how you choose to play, your courtesan at The Chicken Ranch will ensure that your experience will be one you can fantasize about for years to come.