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So You Want to be a Submissive

Did you know that the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day? It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Maybe it’s been a long week at the office, or maybe you’re just eager to sit back and relax, and most importantly – not make a single decision.

The sexy mistresses at the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump Nevada can help. No, they won’t take control of your budget meeting, but they will take control of you. Curious?

Welcome to the Dungeon. Our BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) experience, dubbed the 50 Shades Package, includes the best of all worlds. Enjoy the company of one (or more) of our gorgeous courtesans, delight in an evening filled with tantalizing sex topped off with just the right amount of pain, and relax into the submissive role you’ve always fantasized about.

Being submissive may be new for you, but there are ways to ease your transition and find pleasure in your position. Here are a few tips for enjoying your BDSM experience at the Chicken Ranch.

Pick the right dominant

You can always select a courtesan online, however when it comes to a dominant/submissive interaction, you may want to meet your ideal mistress at our Leghorn Bar, and see if you feel that spank – I mean spark. BDSM is more than just sex, it’s a complete relinquishing of control. Your mistress will be in charge, responsible for whipping you, spanking you, and orchestrating your every move. It’s important to find a courtesan that you can put your trust in.

Select a Safe Word

“Did he mean ”No. Don’t. Stop!’ or ‘No. Don’t stop!'”? Don’t leave your mistress guessing. Once you’ve communicated your boundaries, agree on a safe word that when uttered (by either one of you) stops the play immediately. Make sure it’s something that wouldn’t normally come up in conversation (especially important if you are taking this up a notch with role play). May we suggest “unicorn” or possibly “banana”?

Communicate Before and During

There is nothing more important than communication, not even a nice pair of fuzzy handcuffs. As we mentioned before, BDSM isn’t just about sex. The experience can set off emotional and physical triggers and uncover vulnerabilities that you’d rather keep hidden.

Before you begin, open up to your mistress and let her know if you have any physical issues that could hamper your fun. For example, if you’ve got bad knees, she won’t make you crawl around to earn your punishment. Seeing a chiropractor for your neck issues? Best for her not to yank your head back by your hair.

Are there any emotional triggers that you’d like to avoid? Any ghosts from the past that you’d prefer to keep in the closet? You don’t have to tell her where these issues stem from, just let your mistress know if you’d rather not be called a weasel, or be forced to worship her stiletto-clad feet. Your courtesan will respect your boundaries and find other ways to make you squirm.


Did we mention that this is more than just sex? Your time in the Dungeon will give you a break from the stresses of reality, but you have to allow it. While it may seem that the Dominant has all the power, the Submissive has to… submit. A bratty Submissive isn’t going to make for a fun experience. Allowing your mistress to guide you through the process will help you take full advantage of the experience. And remember, you always have your safe word just in case she uncovers a trigger you forgot to mention, or didn’t know about.

Be Yourself (Perfection Not Necessary)

Unless you’re playing a soldier who’s been captured by the enemy (who wants you for your body), or a criminal who’s been arrested by a sexy police officer (who wants you for your body)… be yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect, or be anything you aren’t. When you are yourself, your mistress can create an experience that will leave you whispering “Yes ma’am, may I have another.”

Being a submissive can be an unforgettable experience at the Chicken Ranch. Just sit back (or get on all fours) and allow our daring courtesans to make your wildest dreams come true. And bring a cushion for the ride home… just in case.