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The “Girlfriend Experience”

There are six words in the English language that can cause any man to lace up his sneakers and run for the hills…

“Where do you see this going?”

Just because you aren’t ready to start tasting cakes yet, doesn’t mean that you don’t want someone special: someone who will laugh at your jokes, cuddle on the couch with you while you watch football, and blow your mind (among other things) in the bedroom. Lucky for you, there are women looking for the same exact thing. It’s called the Girlfriend Experience (GFE).

At the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump Nevada, our lovely ladies make it easy for you to experience all that you want in a relationship. These beautiful women won’t complain to you about their mothers, give you a hard time for wearing that shirt, or check your text messages to see if you are talking to your ex. They take the anxiety out of meeting a “nice girl”, the stress out of courting, and the frustration out of being in a relationship.

Still a bit nervous? Don’t be. Our ladies are just an email away and they can’t wait to hear from you. Once you select the “girlfriend” you’d like to date, shoot her a quick email and let her know that you are interested. She’ll get back to you, and together you can set up an experience you won’t soon forget. If you prefer to meet your lady in the flesh, head to our Leghorn Bar and Chicken Ranch Strip Club and see the ladies in person before you make your selection. No matter which way you go, our girls promise to kiss on the first date (and so much more).

Once you’ve decided on a woman to join you for the night (or weekend), break the ice over drinks in the bar and then head to her room for a more private encounter. Your “girlfriend” will treat you to the emotional and physical intimacy you desire. Conversation will flow easily as you get to know each other on a deeper level, sharing stories, laughing with each other and eventually, when the time is right, exploring each other’s bodies and learning how to pleasure one another.

Pleasing you pleases her, so don’t be surprised if your girlfriend wants to treat you to a sensual massage or wash away the day’s problems in a nice steamy shower. After all, isn’t that what you are looking for in a relationship? Someone to connect with, share your day with, and then share your body with?

You and your girlfriend will have plenty of time for foreplay, enjoying each other’s bodies with hands and mouths before progressing to the grand finale. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. She will take the time to get to know you, find out what you really like, and then create the perfect environment for you to relax and receive pleasure.

The best part about the Girlfriend Experience (you know, besides the phenomenal sex), is that our ladies are here when you want them. You’re busy, and sometimes you just can’t handle the demands of a full time girlfriend. Our ladies are available for you whenever your schedule permits. Need a weekend away from the grind of daily life? Head out to the Chicken Ranch and be treated to the vacation you deserve. Only have one night free? Our ladies will welcome you for a romantic overnight stay. Even if you can only get away for a few hours… our beautiful women are happy to help you escape if even just for the afternoon.

When you come to The Chicken Ranch for our VIP Girlfriend Experience, you are sure to have the time of your life. Get the emotional connection and the physical pleasure you desire without any of the strings. You’ll finally be able to answer the question “Where do you see this going?”… the shower, the couch, and definitely the bed.