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What Are the Prices at the Chicken Ranch?

Chicken Ranch Brothel Cost

Contrary to what you’ve read from websites that use sources from outdated Internet articles (outdated by decades!), The Chicken Ranch Brothel prices are not “$200 – $1000 for overnight”.

Read on to find out more about “What are the prices at the Chicken Ranch“.

You’ve been considering visiting the Chicken Ranch, a legal brothel located less than an hour outside of Las Vegas, for years now. You’ve heard how amazing and stress-free the experience can be. You’re excited to feel the physical intimacy and expertise that only a professional Courtesan can provide. There’s just one problem… you have no idea how much this is going to cost you.

While the ladies aren’t shy about the pleasure they can bring you, (their specialties are listed on the website), pricing doesn’t seem to be as transparent. Before you shy away from the experience, know that it’s not the ladies’ desire to keep you in the dark… it’s actually the law.

There are a great deal of legal requirements and restrictions governing the sale of sex in this country. In order to do business in Nevada (the only state that allows it), the Chicken Ranch and all of the Courtesans (who are independent contractors) must abide by these rules.

So Where Does That Leave You and the Chicken Ranch Brothel Pricing?

Well, conversations about The Chicken Ranch Brothel Pricing can only happen behind the closed doors of these lovely ladies’ bedrooms. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a general understanding of how these services are priced.

Focus on What You Get

Let’s take money off the table for just one moment. When you book a party with one of the sexy women at the Chicken Ranch (or two is always an option), you are about to spend time in the presence of a true professional. These ladies are experts is eroticism. They know how to make you squirm, beg, and then release all of the pent up frustration you’re holding onto. These women know how to read between the lines and provide an experience that you will never forget.

And, they’re doing it with their bodies. They are sharing themselves with you to provide pleasure like you’ve never before experienced.

Can you really put a price on that?

Well, yeah. The cost of your visit to the Chicken Ranch will depend on a couple of different factors:

1) The Courtesan. Each lady sets her own individual prices.

2) The activities. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may be paying more or less for your ideal party. Most of the ladies have a base price and then offer an a la carte menu with add-ons. If you’re looking to enjoy the company of more than one lady, expect to pay more for the second (or third) Courtesan.

3) The length of the services. If you’re just looking for a quick refresh, you’ll spend less money than an evening or weekend with a Courtesan’s company.

4) How nice you are. Admit it, don’t you wish you could charge the obnoxious customers more at your job? Be kind, Courteous, and clean, and use your charm to negotiate a good deal (one you will remember for a long time).

5) The negotiation. Most Courtesans are open to discuss their prices and create a custom experience that fits your budget and your desires. Just remember to be respectful of their time and their experience when having this discussion.

Don’t Worry About What Your Won’t Get

Can you find sex cheaper somewhere else? Of course.

You could:

  • Find someone for a serious relationship
  • Meet someone at a bar and take them home
  • Find a prostitute within the city limits of Las Vegas
  • Head to a strip club and hope for the best.

However, there are downsides to all of those options.

A serious relationship may sound nice, but it takes a lot of work to meet, court, and date someone. Plus, the longer into the relationship you get, the less sex you’ll likely be having. At the Chicken Ranch, there’s no requirement to date and you get to choose the amount of pleasure you receive. If you love the experience of having someone special, why not try our Girlfriend Experience and get the whole package… sans strings.

You could meet someone at a bar, however, they might expect more out of the encounter than you’re intending, and you might get more than you bargained for. The ladies at the Chicken Ranch are tested for STDs regularly to make sure that you only get what you came for. That cute blonde at the club? Your guess is as good as ours.

Maybe you don’t feel like driving all the way to Pahrump. We could either pick you up, or you could find an illegal sex worker on the street. Obviously, you can’t guarantee that she’s clean and disease-free. Of course, you also can’t guarantee that you won’t be arrested. Remember, while brothels are legal in Nevada, The Chicken Ranch is in Nye County and does not extend to Las Vegas (Clark County).

Lastly, you could go to a strip club and hope you find a lady willing to do some extra work on the side. But chances are you’ll just end up spending an exorbitant amount of money on lap dances and alcohol, and you’ll still go home alone and frustrated.

 Visiting the Chicken Ranch Brothel and enjoying the company of our sexy Courtesans is not cheap… but it is worth it. If you’re looking for an evening of mind-blowing sex that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, worry less about how much it’s going to cost you, and more about when you can get there.