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You Can Call Me Master

Have you ever dreamed of bending a sexy woman over a bench and delivering well timed spanks to her thong-clad bottom? Have you ever felt hen pecked in a relationship or a job, and yearned for a time when you can be in charge?

Welcome to the Dungeon. We’ve got fun and games. BDSM games to be specific. At the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV, our ladies will help you explore the dark recesses of your imagination and embrace your kinky side. The Chicken Ranch offers a safe place for you to experiment with women who aren’t frightened by your desires.

Our sexy courtesans love nothing more than being bound, gagged, and pleasured to the point of exhaustion. Don’t think one will satisfy your craving? If you can handle dominating two women at once, they love to play together. Whether you choose to engage in this experience with one or two of our lovely ladies, there are certain rules you must follow to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

Respect is Key

While you may use punishment, degradation, and a cage during your play session, you must always maintain respect for your partner. In order for your “slave” to give away her power, she must trust you completely. Earn her trust and do everything in your power to maintain it. This means never delivering pain beyond what was discussed before you started, always listening and adhering to a safeword, and caring for your partner after the play.

While you will experience untold pleasure during your time in the Dungeon, when you are a Dominant, your focus should be on her enjoyment. Every decision you make and every punishment you dole out should be in her best interest, designed to bring her to the heights of pleasure.

Communication Will Get Your Everywhere

This is your fantasy, and while your courtesan will reap just as many benefits from the experience as you, she can’t help you reach your true potential if she doesn’t know what makes you tick. It’s important to share your desires with your partner. What do you hope to get out of this? When you’ve fantasized about this day, what made it special? Is there something in particular you’ve always wanted to try? Are there any concerns that you have going into the play? Be honest, be confident, and be proud of who you are.

Not just about expressing your thoughts, you must also listen to your courtesan and hear what she is telling you. Are there certain areas (physically or emotionally) that are a no-go for her? Are certain acts or scenes off limits? While she may be in the submissive role, your courtesan ultimately has the right to determine what will happen to her body and mind.

Don’t Forget the Safeword

Role play can be a scary experience, especially when one person is relinquishing complete control of their body and mind, to another. The safeword is designed to protect both the Submissive and the Dominant from ending up in a physical or emotional position that will do lasting damage. Make sure that you decide on a clear safeword before the fun begins and at the first utterance of that word, all play must stop immediately. Common terms in the community are Yellow (to slow down) and Red (to stop immediately). If you plan to gag your partner, making her unable to speak, she’ll need a visible substitute (like a red bandana) that she can drop to indicate it’s time to stop.

If you follow these rules; honoring your partner, communicating openly, and keeping safety front of mind, you can ensure that your BDSM experience at The Chicken Ranch, will be one you’ll never forget. You’ll ride the line between pleasure and pain, understand what it means to be completely in charge of another human being, and finally be able to say: “It’s good the be the Master.”