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Many have asked our beautiful ladies can come visit you where you live. Unfortunately, due to legal ordinances, all the physical fun has to take place at the Chicken Ranch brothel in Pahrump NV. But that doesn’t mean that your experience has to start and end when you walk through our doors.

Technology isn’t just for sex toys! Thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can do the next best thing to taking the ladies home with you… follow their antics on social media.

When our beautiful courtesans aren’t fulfilling your every fantasy and making your toes curl, they are relaxing at the Ranch, working up a sweat (exercising), hanging out with each other, and snapping pics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Not quite convinced that you should follow them? Imagine that you are sitting at your desk watching the minutes painstakingly tick by. It seems like forever before you get to leave. Instead of stressing about your long day, take a quick break (on your phone please) and check out what your favorite courtesan is up to. When you follow the Chicken Ranch Brothel and our beautiful ladies on social media, you can:

Engage in some Kinky Foreplay

Sure the sex is fun, but it’s nothing without the delicious flirting and teasing beforehand. Follow your preferred lady in advance of your visit and find out what she’s dreaming about. Maybe she’s just gotten a new toy and is looking for someone to help her break it in. Maybe she just learned a new trick to take your breath away, and she can’t wait to try it out. Maybe she’s been especially naughty and she’s in need of a good punishment.

There’s only one way to find out. Follow your lady on social media and learn everything you need to know to make your trip successful. Don’t forget to chime in and let her know how excited you are about your visit. When you connect with your courtesan online, you’ll have an even better connection offline. Better connection = mind blowing sex.

See What they are Wearing and What they are Doing

You know you’ve always wondered what our ladies wear when they lounge around the Ranch (hint: it’s not much). Our courtesans love to put on a fashion show when they get new clothes, and they need an audience! Whether she just got a new bikini or an even shorter Catholic School Girl skirt, her real joy comes from showing it off (and then taking it off). Check in frequently to see what she’s added to her wardrobe and her sexy arsenal.

Our girls love to play together. Check out their social media feeds to find out who’s playing with who, who’s tied up, and who’s waiting for you to visit and join their party.

Keep in Touch

You might think that you’re fun is over once you go home, but it’s not! Our ladies want to know how you enjoyed your time at the ranch. They want to know what you are up to, if you ever dream about them, and most importantly, they want to know when you are coming back to visit. Don’t be a stranger, they miss you.

Find Out About Special Announcements

We try to update our website as much as possible, but if you want to know what’s going on at the Chicken Ranch, the best way is to follow us on social media. Learn about upcoming special events like holiday parties, and Superbowl Sunday, find out when a new girl joins us and who is in residence when you come to visit, and get insider tips for how to have the best experience possible at the brothel.

You may think that your sexy fun has to end when you go home, but it doesn’t! Stay in touch on social media and extend your experience all year long. Our ladies are happy to allow you into their… lives. 

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