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Your First Time At a Brothel

Whether you are a “Brothel Virgin” or a virgin in the strongest sense of the word, visiting the Chicken Ranch can be a bit of a nerve wracking experience – but it doesn’t have to be. Your time here should be one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences of your life, you just have to know what to expect and how to navigate new waters.

Let’s undress, I mean address some of your potential fears:

“I’m really shy. Will I have to walk into a big room filled with people talking amongst themselves?”

Not at all! There are a few ways to select your courtesan at the Chicken Ranch:

  • View our website ahead of time and select a lovely lady online. You can even communicate through email before you visit and break the ice a bit before you meet her in person.
  • Request a lineup and choose one of these sexy women after seeing them “in the flesh”.
  • Have a drink in our bar and request to chat with the ladies before you make a decision. Who knows who you’ll hit it off with!

Everything here is designed to make you feel comfortable and completely at ease (except for the Dungeon, of course).

“But I’ll feel weird going there looking for sex”.

That’s what we’re here for! We’re a brothel. We exist specifically to provide untold pleasure and sexual satisfaction. It is what we do.

“Is it safe?”

It’s a very safe environment and all of our girls are tested. This is the safest sex you can find. It’s also completely legal!

Still a bit nervous? Here are two questions you can ask when you arrive that will help put your mind at ease:

“Can I have a tour?”

It’s your first time visiting, they’ve just buzzed you in to the property and you don’t know quite what to expect. Just say these 5 magic words, “Can I have a tour?”. We love giving tours to visitors (even if they are just passing through). Heck, it’s our second favorite thing to do at the Chicken Ranch… okay maybe not second, but in the top 10.

At this point you can relax and one of the professional working ladies will guide you through the property. Just trust that you’re in good hands (and if you choose to stay, those hands will get even better). She’ll show you through the Ranch itself, and more importantly, go over the exciting, safe, and completely legal experience that you can have here from start to finish, should you decide to stay for a party. They’re great with first-timers! She’ll make you feel totally at ease as you’re touring the bungalows, a little naughty as you view the dungeon room, and just plain excited at the pool area where you might spot some of us sunning topless.

The tour will be a great way to relax your nerves and get you ready for the fun about to happen.

“Can I see a lineup?”

Way better than the “lineups” you see on crime shows, these ladies are here just to see you, and their only crimes are being incredibly sexy. You’ll sit back and relax in our parlor while a parade of beautiful women files into the room. We’ve got ladies to suit every taste and thanks to our mirrored wall, you’ll have the opportunity to see the view from the back as well. This allows you to see all of their… assets. You’ll feel like a wealthy king with your choice of lady (or ladies!).Your visit to the Chicken Ranch will be whatever you desire. Armed with a bit of information, and a couple of questions, you’ll see that a trip to the Chicken Ranch Brothel is an incredible experience and more pleasurable than you’ve even imagined. No nerves required.

With that being said, we have just one question for you: “Why not make The World Famous Historic Chicken Ranch Brothel part of your history?”