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I’m Chanel.

Let me charm your socks (and pants) off with my irresistible bubbly personality. Picture this: a smile that could melt the iciest heart and a charisma that’s smoother than silk. I’ve got this magical ability to light up a room with just a twinkle in my eye and a skip in my step. Pleasuring and being pleasured is my ultimate mission—I’m like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, here to sprinkle a little extra charm wherever I go. So, prepare to be completely enchanted by my delightful company and undeniable charm. I’m a switch so I like to take turns pleasing. I thrive to be a lady of unparalleled allure and sophistication; captivating all who are fortunate enough to cross my path. My pleasuring is a symphony of sensuality, carefully orchestrated to awaken desires and ignite passions. I offer more than just companionship; I offer an experience—a journey into a realm of intimacy and pleasure where fantasies come to life and every moment is filled with ecstasy. Prepare to be enchanted as I guide you through a world of indulgence and enchantment, where your deepest desires become reality at my fingertips.

My Hair: Red
My Eye Color: Green
My Height: 5’4
My Birthplace and Birthday: April
My Personality: My lovers often call me bubbly and positive yet enigmatic by nature, I navigate the realms of pleasure with a blend of strategic prowess and creative finesse. As a woman of pleasure, I am driven by an insatiable curiosity to unravel complexities and redefine all the possibilities that we can do together. With a penchant for pleasure, I thrive in the pursuit of innovation and excellence in pleasing and teaching you how to please. Join me on an erotic journey where boundaries blur and extraordinary becomes the norm.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Mountains, Within the sinuous curves of mountain peaks and the hidden depths of their winding crevices lies a tantalizing mystery waiting to be unveiled. The peaks, reaching skyward with a graceful seduction, tease the heavens with their majestic presence. Meanwhile, the crevices, veiled in shadows and secrets, beckon with an alluring invitation to explore their hidden recesses. Each ascent is a sensual journey of discovery, tracing the contours of desire carved by millennia of elemental forces. In the embrace of these sublime landscapes, one finds themselves lost in a passionate embrace with the raw beauty of the natural world.
My Kind of Men: I really like it when they’re a bit shy, very polite, and eager to spend time with me. I really like gentlemen who get pleasure from pleasing. Body type or size doesn’t matter to me. We will have a great time no matter what.
My Sexual Fantasy: To please and to be pleasured. Let’s explore each other and find out what we like.
What I Do Best: Pleasing and being pleasured
My Bedroom is Decorated: Decorated with Chanel, by Chanel
My Favorite Music: 80’s, 90’s
My Favorite Food: Steak
My Favorite Drink: Cranberry vodka
My Hobbies: Luxury Travel, Embarking on exclusive travel experiences, Hiking on beautiful trails, Gambling, Road trips, Going to Las Vegas shows, Trying new restaurants, Reading books, Working out
My Specialties: 2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, BDSM, Couple Party, GFE, Half and Half, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Pornstar Experience, Role Play, Single Woman, and Straight Lay
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Chanel is the best!

March 17, 2024

Chanel is so sweet! She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable! She is super sexy and very sensual! She even gave me some dating tips and advice that I’m sure will be very useful! She takes her time and doesn’t make you feel rushed in any way! Such an awesome experience!! Thank you Chanel!


Bubbly ray of sunshine

March 17, 2024

Chanel’s bio and pictures do not do her justice. She made the time we spent together simply wonderful.


Everything I had hoped for

March 17, 2024

Chanel was not just beautiful but also a delightful conversationalist, extremely genuine, intelligent, kind, funny, and of course the lover you are hoping for.

She provided the experience I had long hoped for and if anyone is looking for the best time she will not disappoint.


Amazing Time

March 14, 2024

Chanel was amazing, her body is smoking for one and she’s sweet and funny to boot!

She put me at ease and was able to fulfill all my wishes. She also looks amazing in a bodysuit.


I will be back for more, see you soon my love

March 14, 2024

Chanel was the most beautiful, respectful and wonderful person you will ever meet. If any man had the chance to be loved, Chanel is the perfect woman to do it.



March 6, 2024

I have not had that much fun in a very long time,


One of the best experience ever

November 18, 2023

It was my first time, did not know what to expect. She made me comfortable and what followed was just wow. Thanks a lots again. See you soon



August 28, 2023

Had a great time with Chanel this weekend. Would definitely recommend and would love to come back again. She is great at calming the nerves and great with the shy guys