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I’m Mika waiting to steal your heart away with my captivating hazel forest eyes, my stunning smile, and my bubbly personality.
I’m a young woman that came from the midwest to the west coast a week before I turned 19 to indulge my life into the legal brothel industry. Since being in brothel life I have worked more into being an adult performer.

Free Spirited Open Minded-
I am always free to be myself. I like to live how I feel is best for me no matter what others opinions are. I feel like that is something everyone needs to learn within themselves, be who you are and you’ll attract only the best to come in your life.

What I Enjoy On Free Time-
When I’m not enjoying myself being a deluxe companion or indulging my life into the adult performing, I enjoy my relaxation time. Being a cat mom, I enjoy going to swim, learning new things on how to create websites, furthering my education, or even learning new crafts.

Why Do I Enjoy Being A Companion?
I’m a people person, what can I say? I enjoy meeting different people varying from all around the U.S. or even the world! Being a conversationalist it’s enjoyable for me to get to know about you, and the area you live in and how it differs from each place!

Another thing I like about being a companion is that no matter the situation you are coming to see me for whether it is… loneliness, wanting to lose your virginity, needing someone to understand you without judgment, a connection you yearn for, hardships,a good time, bringing some fun times for you & your partner without any worry, or just wanting to try something different. I get to help you in all these ways!
I cater to diverse clientele, embracing everyone with open arms, and no judgment!

What makes you stand out?
I feel that my all natural personality, and my crazy strong drive towards goals.
What is an all natural personality you may ask? An all natural personality means you get 100% me, unless we’re obviously roleplaying. You get my fun bubbly personality that can make everyone feel comfortable after our conversations.

What do you like?
I don’t judge with any gender therefore I cater to couples, men, women.
I want to bring you a gift. What do you like?
Great question! On my twitter (you will find the link below) I have a link in my bio that can give you exactly what I would like. It also has special gifts we can share an experience together, or toys for yourself!

First Timer Nerves-
Are you nervous to take that jump to come in? I can guarantee you’ll have nerves no matter what you do in life if it’s the first time. But will you let that stop you from indulging yourself with a luxurious experience? I know exactly what you’re going through so I can give you the time you may need to get comfortable. Maybe the thought of a woman is nerve wrecking, but I promise you us ladies are friendly. (We won’t bite unless you like it.) So if you would like to step in, get a drink and talk or just take it head on in the bedroom, I’d be pleased to help you along the way.

Lonely and need some company? Looking for that genuine connection? Look no further, I’m the right woman for you, I love building that genuine connection to have a better time together. While getting to know each other you can get a nice relaxing massage done by a professional or we can enjoy a mutual massage.
Or if you’re not one for massages, we can watch your favorite movie. Nothing is better than watching your favorites with a beautiful woman by your side.

2 Girl/ Multi girl-
Do you know what’s better than having one or more beautiful women with us? Have you had the fantasy of multiple women? This is the place to be, my beautiful friends would love to accompany you and make sure you’re the center of attention.

I love working with couples, it is always an extraordinary compliment when a couple chooses me for their first time with another lady in the relationship. I provide a safe, understanding, comfortable environment for your fantasy as a couple to be near an exceptional experience. Your relationship will be respected throughout our time together, ensuring that you and your partner can have this unforgettable time together as a couple. Every couple is different with their needs, desires, and boundaries.
This will be discussed together before our session begins.
If this is not your first time, I will be more than pleased to help further that connection with your partner in a safe environment.
I’ve had successful parties with couples. Will you be another?

Are you looking for an unforgettable first experience? This is such a big moment in your life to take control and let that sigh of relief out and say “I did it and got it over with”. I offer coaching as well in order to make sure that you will leave with enough confidence knowing the exact way how to please a woman. If you don’t want the coaching I will be more than happy to be your first time.

My Hair: Brown/Red
My Eye Color: Hazel/Green
My Height: 5’ 2"
My Birthplace and Birthday: Michigan & May
My Measurements: 34 C bra 34 waist 32 hips
My Personality: I have a bubbly, fun.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii
My Kind of Men: Respectful ~ Generous ~ Well-Hygienic
My Sexual Fantasy: I have many, but the winner would be. "Girlfriend for the weekend" What's better than a perfect weekend getaway with someone that you can cuddle, watch movies, talk your heart out and best yet get to indulge in one another?
What I Do Best: Make People Feel Comfortable
My Bedroom is Decorated: Like you're stepping into heaven, my go to colors are White, Blue & Grey
My Favorite Music: A little bit of everything
My Favorite Drink: Coconut Water
My Hobbies: Swimming, Cooking, Learning, Video Games
My Specialties: 2 Girl Party, 2 Girl Show, Couple Party, Dress-up/Drag Party, Fantasy Session, Fetish, GFE, Half and Half, Handicapped, Lingerie Show, Massage Party, Masturbation/Vibrator Party, Role Play, Single Woman, and Straight Lay
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Rated 5 out of 5
September 25, 2023

She conducts herself professionally yet provides a true personal genuine experience. Shes the real deal. Straight up love her.


Couples Party My wife is still giddy!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 27, 2023

My wife and I decided that after 32 years of marriage, we were finally going to experience a fantasy we have had for as long as we have been married. My wife has long wanted to feel the touch and love of another woman. So we started our search for the perfect partner. We found her at the Chicken Ranch! Mika’s beauty speaks for itself anyone can see it in her photos! What you may not see is her inner beauty which shines bright! One smile and you will melt! The kind of smile that makes you feel like everything is going to be all right. The twinkle in her eyes, the glow she admits, it really is intoxicating. Mika made my wife and I feel so comfortable we were able to relax a little bit and had a wonderful chat about what exactly we wanted and any boundaries that we may have. We then discussed the prices associated with what our fantasies were. Just remember if you want to drive a Ferrari you can expect to pay Ferrari prices! That said, it was the best money I have ever spent, and if money was not an object would have paid double! The love she made to us was heavenly it was a dream come true! I could not have imagined it being any better! The entire establishment was a class act and we would highly recommend them. Safe, clean, and very friendly frontend staff! We’re planning our next escape with Mika already as I have a little unfinished business with her! One Gemini to another…lol